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General Discussion / Re: How can you possibly profit from normal trade?
« on: November 13, 2014, 04:07:03 PM »
On the topic of trade, smuggling seems to be nearly impossible in the long run. My first play through of the update I was running drugs and other illegal goods under the nose of the Sindrian Diktat until my rep was low enough for the black market to not trade with me. Afterward I tried to find another faction that would tolerate my trading with no luck. I don't understand why the black market would shut out one of their biggest suppliers because their government doesn't like me.

General Discussion / Re: Just strange...
« on: October 29, 2014, 01:05:17 PM »
Out of all the pirate ships I have attacked the Buffalo is the most frustrating and difficult to destroy. The once glorified pinata of loot has become a menace to frigates and destroyers everywhere.

General Discussion / Re: What's YOUR flagship? Modded or Vanilla
« on: April 20, 2014, 02:54:28 PM »
Early game:
I go for the Enforcer with 2 regular/dual flak cannons on either side for amazing PD, a single Mauler to punch through armor, and 2 Thumpers to shred anything left. Can easily tear through most low-tech ships with ease. Not very good against shields, but I usually stick to fighting pirates until I get a larger fleet.

Mid game:
Apogee. In my opinion the only viable flagship in the cruiser size category. It balances damage, both burst and sustained, with excellent shield coverage and respectable speed. Out of combat it is able to haul enough fuel and cargo to make freighters non-essential. I equip it with a single Autopulse laser, 2 anti-matter blasters, 2 heavy blasters, and 2 tactical lasers. Along with the Expanded Magazines hull mod, the Autopulse is a master of suppressing fire. 1-2 full barrages from this weapon can take down almost any shield generator, allowing you to sucker punch them with your dual Anti-Matter blasters. The heavy blasters are the epitome of high DPS in a small package, able to take on cruisers and even capitals. The high travel speed of the blaster round also makes it able to pick off fighters and bombers with ease. The tactical lasers could be swapped out for burst PD, but with your 360 degree shields, PD is almost obsolete.

Late game:
Onslaught. A ship that has so much armor you question if it actually has any hull behind it. Able to take an entire salvo of harpoon missile without scratching the paint, the Onslaught is the king of fighting without shields. Load it up with Heavy Autocannons, Railguns, Light Assault Guns, Dual Flak Cannons, and either Hephaestus or Mjolnir Cannons and nothing will be able to stand in your way. Burndrive right into the middle of the enemy fleet and watch them fall to your hail of bullets. The only downside to this ship isn't in combat, but in logistics. The Onslaught is a logistics black hole, taking massive amounts of supplies and fuel to cart it from battle to battle. In order to keep battle-ready you need a small fleet of tugs and cargo ships to back it up.

Modding / Modded Save Files Will Not Load (Fixed)
« on: January 05, 2014, 06:44:54 PM »
I do not know if anyone else has encountered this problem, but any time I have a save file that includes mods I am unable to load that save. An error appears telling me the mods used may not be installed, but I have not added/removed any mods. The quick-save feature still works while I am in-game, but the moment I save + quit to the menu screen I am unable to load the save. This has been going on since I first got the game nearly a year ago and it happens more often with larger mods installed. I can sometimes get away with a single faction mod such as Neutrino Corp. or Interstellar Federation, but even then it sometimes breaks the save. I figured it was an alpha problem that would eventually be patched, but since the bug remains it must be unique to me. I am currently trying to run Uomoz's Sector 1.1 mod pack on a clean install. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: I figured out that the save file needed more memory than the game could offer. I edited the vmparams file to allow for more memory. I used to have the file modified, but when I did the clean install I forgot to change it.

General Discussion / Re: Hi Again
« on: January 02, 2014, 09:43:18 AM »
Usually people lead with a question, but hello! :D
We would be glad to answer any questions you have

General Discussion / Re: No one finishes space games
« on: December 24, 2013, 04:21:55 PM »
Off Topic:
watch unlimited quantities of stuff, mostly Star Trek. :D
Star Trek ftw.

On Topic:
I also agree with this system of measurement, but slightly different numbers. For a game to be 'worth it' in my opinion I have to have 1 hour of enjoyable game play for every 1-2 dollars I spend (I am a bit of a cheapo  ;D), and this game has far surpassed that expectation. The vanilla game itself left me satisfied with my purchase and, if you include the amazing modding attention this game has received, will keep me playing for a long time.

General Discussion / Re: About as much fun as getting my teeth pulled.
« on: December 23, 2013, 10:21:22 PM »
Although at first I disliked CR because it left me with little to no options. I had to constantly seek battle in order to provide supplies, which cost more supplies, leading to a circle of frustration. Finally I realized that my old play style of "get as many ships as possible with as many crew you can hold and do battle as often as possible" was just plain wrong. You need to slim down your forces to essentials, use tactics, and just plain think about your situation. In the end I found it to be a large improvement to the game to meet the goal of a tactical space combat game and less of a mindless romp around space in an overpowered fleet.

General Discussion / Re: Idiotic flight pathing
« on: October 07, 2013, 03:02:18 PM »
I always love it when I've got a ship loaded with tachyon lances and my hounds constantly run into the beam, instantly shredding their armor and disabling all their systems.

A way the beam weapons could be balanced out is if their EMP damage had some bleedthrough on shields (nothing extreme, just a few weapon malfunctions and minor flame-outs). This would allow them to fulfill their role as a support weapon despite their drawbacks.

General Discussion / Re: Are fighters supposed to be so costly?
« on: October 01, 2013, 03:13:00 PM »
As an aside I wonder if we'll ever see a Phase-Fighter or Phase-Bomber wing. There's precedent with the Terminator Drone after all.

Oh god, I hate Terminator Drones. Their speed and phase make those things damn near immortal. Imagine having 4-10 of them loaded with even more firepower buzzing around and generally being untouchable. Phase ships are some of the most annoying things in the game IMHO, requiring an almost dedicated anti-phase ship loaded with beam weapons to deter them from harassing you to death. A swarm of phase fighters could probably destroy an entire fleet if they were able to be repaired and re-armed the current way fighters are.

General Discussion / Re: I'm sorry Alex.
« on: September 30, 2013, 12:17:01 AM »
Speaking of updates.... when is .7 coming? :D

General Discussion / Re: Flagships!
« on: September 27, 2013, 05:57:55 PM »
Apogee Class Long Range Cruiser: ISS Daedalus
1x Autopulse Laser or Plasma Cannon
2x Antimatter Blasters
2X Tactical Lasers or Burst PD
2X Heavy Blasters
Advanced Turret Gyros
Dedicated Targeting Core
Stabilized Shields
Hardened Shields
Expanded Magazines
Augmented Engines

The Apogee is a fantastic lone-wolf style ship because of its good travel speed, large cargo bay, and good fuel capacity. Especially in the new update where traveling any sort of distance can drain you of supplies and CR a ship with the ability to carry enough supplies for upkeep is a major advantage.

I love the Apogee for its ability to take extreme amounts of punishment on its shields while still supporting some respectable firepower. My general strategy its to unload with the Autopulse Laser, usually causing an overload on weaker shields and severely raising to flux on more advanced ships. Meanwhile I have both Heavy Blasters on autofire to pound to crap out of both the shield and armor of the opponent. One the ship has overloaded or is sitting near an overload I fire the Antimatter blasters. Cruisers and capital ships are left with a gaping hole in their armor and anywhere from 20%-50% hull. Everything else is destroyed completely. Pick another target, rinse and repeat.

The Autopulse Laser can be traded out for a Plasma Cannon although the higher flux use and OP cost tends to put you in more of a mid-long range punisher rather than my preferred brawler style. In this case I would also trade the Tactical Lasers for Burst PD for the added protection from Salamander missiles (one of the only weaknesses of this ship if you decide to drop shields to vent).

General Discussion / Re: Ramming Speed!
« on: September 25, 2013, 12:39:37 PM »
Ramming is my main strategy whenever I play a hound that has run out of ammo (provided I have installed a shield generator on it). I just raise shields and ram into the enemy until I need to vent, fly away, and repeat. Ships that have omni-shields will take a lot of flux dmg and can be finished off by other ships. Ships with front shields get the crap rammed out of their engines and pushed around to allow for a better angle of attack for my other ships.

I WAS going to post my victory over a Dominator, but that just seems trivial. Anyway, I am currently in the process of trying to best a Doom class ship. I am quickly discovering that this task my be impossible thanks to the two heavy blasters that are almost always in range thanks to their hefty arc. Wish me luck!

*UPDATE*   After 20-30 attempts the best i have gotten is to hit the Doom with 1 annihilator rocket. MAKING PROGRESS!!!!
*UPDATE #2* After a further 30-40 tries i have been able to get the Doom to 1/2 hull until I ran out of missiles. I have decided to admit defeat. I will leave my strategy below so that others may learn from my mistakes.

My most successful strategy was to attach an annihilator rocket pod to the large forward missile mount and rain rockets at the Doom. The AI would cloak the ship any time it felt threatened by the rockets, thus generating flux. Once it overloaded i would spam either torpedoes or harpoon missiles until (hopefully) the Doom was destroyed. Unfortunately due to the high flux dissipation rate of the Doom the overload only lasts a few seconds. When it comes off of overload your best chance of surviving is for the two heavy cannons to not be online. To attempt to counter this i installed two ion cannons to the front mounts. I have yet to survive past a single overload due to either running out of missiles or getting caught out by the superior speed and maneuverability of the Doom. I hope my trials will help you to defeat this monster. Good Luck!

General Discussion / Re: Any seen a tug in 0.6a campaign?
« on: September 18, 2013, 03:09:39 PM »
I have yet to find a tug and it is driving me insane! I've got my Onslaught class capital ship fully armed and ready to take on the universe, but it cant even keep pace with other capital ships. So far i have spent nearly 2 in game months using my Apogee cruiser as a flagship instead as i search for a tug but none have appeared. Is there any trick to making them spawn other than waiting for the RNG gods to smile upon me?

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