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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Painting the Stars (02/07/20); Updated the Forum Rules and Guidelines (02/29/20)

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I can't find if this has been asked already, I know easy player damage has been mentioned alot, but what if I want to change the Damage types themselves? Like make Fragmentation damage deal 30% to all types but hull instead of 25%? As the player damage (assumingly) does not affect your >non-player controlled< fleet or ally's ships' vs enemy ships' (and vise versa) damage, right?

Well in the meantime before the patch (which shouldn't be too much longer but there's always a small chance it won't fix it). Is there any way to fix this ourselves like with Console Commands or editting how the game generates jump points for new games?

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Ship/Weapon Pack 1.10.5
« on: March 01, 2020, 12:29:12 AM »
Heya, does anyone have any idea how you could give the Mjolnir Cannon, the same lightning effect as the Lightning Gun? Probably a really hard to implement idea; Either way I just thought it would be a cool, logical effect to add to that very similar(ly themed) gun. Especially since I personally tinker with it and other vanilla guns to make them faster and more usable.  :D

Awl was hoping to somehow force the Hullmods to work together and get the Shield Bypass bonus of 50% more Flux Dissipation. Which is a bit underwhelming but better than having a bad shield that the (Officer) AI will overload themselves with. But I'll take removing the Hullmod as that will help the enemy AI not do the same. Personally like the Prospect of high risk, and (sometimes) High armor, no shield ships instead of crappy shield ships prone to overloading. Thanks to both you and Pandora for the help.

you will have to mess with the CSV files on the YRXP mod for you to change that little requirement. I did this to stop that horrid debuff with any missile not Yuri made.

Forgive me but, mess with what exactly? I'm looking in the hull_mods.csv, and I have no idea what does what in here. Other than the OP costs per ship size being self-explanatory (I think DX). Just want to know what exactly I would need to do to be able to use Shield Bypass over Imported Shield.

Have a bit of an issue/question. Tried to "fix" my new Raven ship's inherently poor shields, by straight up removing them with Ships & Weapons' Shield bypass. But it does not let me add it, as shown in this image:

Was this intentional since it circumvents the ship's Weakness? If not, any idea what could be stopping it, when (seemingly) other shield mods can be applied? Lastly is there a simple way I can fix this myself (if not reasonably intentional) and cannibalize the bad shields with Shield Bypass?

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Ship/Weapon Pack 1.10.5
« on: January 14, 2020, 07:37:22 AM »
Hm any chance we could have another version of this mod with just the weapons; The before mentioned options only seems to deal with the boss ships and bounties.

Oh well I mean personally I really don't like the idea of any trade spot, planet or star base of sorts, not having a Black Market. A Black Market that's almost impossible to get to with transender off or risky with it on because of heavy, Transender requiring patrols ... of course. But no BM seems unrealistic, even IRL North Korea has infamious organized crime that imports and exports regularly, though any number of means.

But anyway bug wise as I remember this was happening with every single planet under this faction No black market. But I do think the almost no resources is part of that planet getting absolutly destroyed by it's Waring system neighbors. I was trying to do what good old SsethTzeentach's YouTUbe video taught me and sell the pirate's drugs and other resources to the planet. Without the BM there's noway to ever trade them drugs let alone... well soothe the slow death of that planet with said drugs. The planet was certainly very dead as you can see in the screenshot. Anyway if it is somehow usuable I do got my last save in drop box. I had to cancel that playthrough due to not investing into my factions defenses before 2 4 star Pirate fleets came to destroy my faction. Probably gonna try Nexerelin so I can watch how it's done while under one of them.
Anyway if you want the save I'll message ya the dropbox, I'll of course wait till you say so just in case. The Planet shown didn't fully die I think, and if it did, I have other older saves of that run, just be sure to keep the mod list in mind, all but Nexerelin.

Hello, it looks like I'm stuck in a glitch for my whole current playthrough or a very weird annoying design choice with this Faction's Planets' Trade:
  Sorry for the large image I just took a screenshot, but anyway the Problem is there is no black market, therefor I can't sell these drugs that the planet needs, also there seems to be almost no other resources. It's not a horribly dieing planet with all trades cut off it just seems glitched is the only thing I can think of, especally as this is how it is for EVERY Coalition in my current game. I am up to date and here is a much smaller image of my mods folder, all of them EXCEPT NEXERELIN, are in play:

Edit: there I compacted them with the /spoiler tool :D
Edit 2: I noticed that the planet actually is "dieing" in many ways but... shouldn't that make the blackmarket more active, not straight up deleted? Again Black Market being GONE is the same for all Coralition planes, and only theirs.

General Discussion / Re: Newbie Guide Thread/ FAQ
« on: August 29, 2019, 06:03:16 PM »
Yeah its inconsistent, but my "lore" behind it is when you, the player, saturation bomb its like a start up colony deciding to nuke America. Its just seen as "wrong" because your this little weakling new to the galactic scene, and if you do it to one person, what stops you from doing it to others?

If you don't have a colony, even worse; your a upstart who is trying to destroy the status quo which unites the other factions against you.

TL;DR they have a bigger stick and more money then you so they hate you for trying to take them down a peg.

But yeah, personally, I understand your gripe; it makes no sense that they can sat bomb you but they don't do anything to the Independents, and sat bombing in general nets you HUGE debuffs but no debuffs for them.

Game logic is all I can say.

Ah thanks again, makes things seem a little better with that point but still a little of an unfair problem. Even gameplay-wise it's so the player can't pick out the best planets as soon as they become de-civilized naturally. As, if my colony was left to be, it was easily going to be one of the (single, not joint) best food producing planets in the sector, with almost no defences needed as the Hegemony were friendly big brothers to me. But nah unless you are actually part of their Family (commissioned by them); They will have NONE of the player starting a new colony in "their" system... Any other faction, even pirate planets in "our system" we will just give a hard time, but not BOMB their whole populated planet like we would to the player. DX

Also your TL;DR and the situation, makes the factions sound like a buncha Si-Fi Yakuza clans butting heads but only freaking out on the clanless new big-heads that poke their heads into their big-boy turf systems. XD

Hmhm but all horribly unfair stuff like this makes choosing to destroy them all to end a playthrough, all the more satisfying. >:D

General Discussion / Re: Newbie Guide Thread/ FAQ
« on: August 27, 2019, 02:49:06 PM »

You can do two things.

One, abandon the colony RIGHT after killing off a raid. You can re-settle it later when you either have a better fleet, or can wipe out the Hegemony in the area and have enough cash to settle and pay for several military bases so that you can secure the system as your own.

Two, take a commission with the Hegemony. If your commissioned, you can colonize worlds in the same faction your commissioned with no problem.

The other thing you can do, which you probably can't do if your fleet is too weak to fight off hegemony saturation bomb fleets, is to go to Hegemony's military planets and disrupt / raid them if they have a orbital works. If they have a pristine nanoforge, raid them. This will take the forge from them, drastically dropping the quality of their ships. Disrupting their orbital / heavy industry completely means they will, at best, send *** Venture fleets at you which you SHOULD be able to kill off, and after the disruption ends, you should be making enough money to afford to invest into your colonies.

Hope that helps.
Hm yes that helped did help a bit, sounds like I'll have abandon it. There is a pretty good pay out since what I was doing was soft turtle with this colony, pretty much invested in industries and got back most of my monies worth from them before this final raid. I didn't invest into defenses (for this 2nd colony) in any way cause I thought I could keep fighting the overtime bomb fleets and that I had no (strong/relevant unlike prate and Ludic path) enemies yet.

Still have the 2nd problem/question of basically about why they can do that no problem in the first place. See original post for my full question on that.

General Discussion / Re: Newbie Guide Thread/ FAQ
« on: August 27, 2019, 02:15:20 AM »
Heya half a newbie question, and half a personal problem with part of the game. So I found my 2nd colony, rather foolishly I now see in Hegemony claimed system. The planet was between 4-5 rank, recently lost by the Independents, I settled there first thinking the Hegemony wouldn't care that much but also because of the ABUNDANT farm land and many mining resources... however Hegemony of course went apeshit and wItHoUT deClaRing wAr set out to BOMB THE PLANET in saturation Bombing detachments. Since I was not completely foolish and had a competent fleet, I was able to defend it from like 3 over time seprate bombing attacks... Then a strong one came with 4 stars and it's looking like I'm gonna have to let it die.

Finally to the question, (with old but idk how old and annoying to go back to old saves); Is there any ways to save it, or majorly mitigate the losses? When I have not enough money to bribe them or enough good relationship (only got my 3rd colney less than a cycle/year after this 2nd one. and the Hegemony are only 17 favorable since I've been defending this whole time). By now seems like unless I strike back in full war, I was delaying the inevitable anyway

2nd, the problem...wHy iS thIS a ThINg that thE factions can just do!!!? Specifically I mean bombing your colonies without literally everyone else freaking out on them horribly, like they would for you ever Saturation Bombing, even pirate or Ludic path planets. Even Lore wise, how are the Hegemony "good bois" ok with destroying a planet of over thousands just because it's in the wrong place? All despite sortive liking and trading with the owner (my) faction??? Without Nexerelin it seems like none of the factions do this at all with eachother, right?

(A Request to Modders too if interested)I'll put the Actual request at the top here and Explain it bellow: Make a requirement that there must (re-edited as I'm finding just one in every system is not enough if you can't take it so)always be at least 1 opportunity in EVERY bar of each planet in a system, Unless the player has an accepted/active one from that system, Including Pirate Bars.

Bars opportunities are important to the player from the beginning of their game. And can only really be abandoned once the player has enough colonies and/or has made an enemy out of most factions. Before that time, there are few things more frustrating than there being no Bar opportunities in any of the bars, of an entire system. Making the trip to that system either fruitless or a very little fruit, trade trip. Annoyingly this happens so much that I end up going to systems that have at least one Pirate planet to use the Black Market.

Now I get that you are supposed to keep your eyes open on the sector events with bounties and more literal opportunities like taking Trade convoys but not only are these also rare (in feasible proximity to you); But Early game and somewhat mid game, you can't do anything with the events or bounties, as you are just too weak to go kill someone hiding in a far away system (or even right next to you if they are of course way too strong). Sure, that's without mentioning the Trade requests but again early and Mid game can only really accept those if they have the resources wanted already or are CURRENTLY near a planet that sells that resource. Which gets very annoying when someone actually wants FREAKING CRABS, and you do not happen to be near the ONLY planet that has them, freaking Volturnians!. XD

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