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Mods / Re: [0.65.1a] Starsector+ Vanilla Enhancement Mod 2.2
« on: November 29, 2014, 11:31:35 AM »
That begs the question...

No it doesn't.

On-topic though, I've been wondering if this mod makes any alterations to how often vanilla ships appear in the main stations, like the hegemony and tri-tachyon stations. I still haven't seen an astral anywhere after hours and hours of play, like in unmodded Starsector, but with SS+ I feel like I'm seeing other vanilla ships more often that didn't appear nearly as early and often in vanilla.

Mods / Re: [0.65.1a] The Knights Templar v0.9.3e
« on: November 28, 2014, 02:49:03 AM »
Paragons are supposed to be the epitome of domain design.

And the templar faction is meant to be far superior to anything the domain of man ever even dreamed of.

Like I said originally though, the problem is indeed with the balancing of how certain vanilla ships such as the paragon synergize with high character level benefits all stacking together.

I'd certainly like for the most optimally fitted paragon to still not be capable of taking on 3 optimally outfitted templar paladins (and any nearby jesuits+bulwarks) simultaneously without breaking a sweat, but it's the mod maker's prerogative if he wants to bother trying to balance his mod against vanilla content that is clearly not yet balanced, itself.

I don't think it would take much more than something like allowing templars the ability to deal some percentage based flux damage, and maybe some additional speed/maneuverability (high level character skills allow for enormous boosts in speed and maneuverability to even hulks like the paragon and onslaught, already, allowing even them to kite enemies to a degree), but I definitely wouldn't blame dark.revenant if he just chalked those factors up as unbalanced outliers that should be ignored until starsector devs officially address them.

Mods / Re: [0.65.1a] The Knights Templar v0.9.3e
« on: November 28, 2014, 01:53:36 AM »
Paragons are straight-up overpowered, and with player skills are just stupid.  With the right setup, an enemy needs to deal over 750 DPS to you just to make your flux go up.  I realized templar shields aren't affected by skills and such, so I'm fixing that for the next version, but that won't help against something like the Paragon.  If I buffed the Templars enough to take out your ship, they'd be impossible to kill unless you abused the game mechanics and made ridiculous deathships.  You'd see Jesuits wrecking stock Conquests.

Perhaps in the future, the Templars will get a shieldbreaker weapon (built-in maybe), but that doesn't really change the fact that Paragons still dominate everything else.

Pretty spot on, I'd say. A workable compromise however might be something along the lines of, say, the priwen burst dealing hard flux damage to fully shielded enemies within its blast radius of a percentage of the enemy ship's max flux.

This would make it very powerful against paragons with their deep flux reserves, giving templars a much needed edge against them and other ships with huge flux maxes and super efficient shields specifically, without making it overkill against other ships.

Whatcha think?

Mods / Re: [0.65.1a] The Knights Templar v0.9.3e
« on: November 27, 2014, 11:57:57 PM »
The ship you describe is specifically designed to kill Templars and only Templars.  Nobody else has shields that take hard flux from beams.

That couldn't be less true, actually. The fully leveled beam paragon steamrolls everything, including multiple capital ships at a time, and even other standard paragons, despite only dealing soft flux to their shields with beams.

There's just that many beams, even without SS+ improving the damage of vanilla beam weapons, and hull mods combined with character level abilities can extend them to very long ranges.

It's equally as powerful, though less flux efficient, to just stack pulse laser type weapons in every slot. The paragon just synergizes in all the right ways with a lot of character skills, and has amazing base flux/dissipation, and a hell of a lot of weapon slots.

50% beam weapon resistance on shielded templar ships won't stop a fully leveled paragon from dominating them. It already takes longer to kill templar ships with the beam paragon loadout I mentioned compared to how long it takes that same paragon to destroy any vanilla or SS+ ships despite the soft and hard flux difference, it's just that the fully leveled paragon has enough defense to simply keep the pressure going forever, comfortably.

Their current level of defense vs beams actually seems fine, it seems more to me like they just have no decent way of dealing with high tech ships with super deep flux pools and 0.5 damage/flux shields or better, when combined with high character level perks.

Mods / Re: [0.65.1a] The Knights Templar v0.9.3e
« on: November 27, 2014, 06:21:12 AM »
I had limited time to develop and test the long-term campaign progression for the Templars, so you're essentially the first one to actually test it out; I am grateful you made such a detailed report, since otherwise I could only guess how the experience is.

That's surprising, since pretty much everything else other than the stuff I mentioned seems to work and meld so well with the campaign, and even the issues I mentioned are mostly quality-of-life stuff. Definitely nothing game breaking.

The only thing I'd really call gamebreaking about the templar integration into campaign would be the fact that the player's accumulated perks from character levels will eventually make them capable of taking any templar threat on with minimal risk, even with vanilla ships, though I suspect that it's more of an issue with the synergy some character skills have with certain vanilla ships in particular.

For example, the metric I usually use for weighing the challenge of campaign content at a late-game level is reaching a high enough character level to get level 10 ranks in all of the stuff that directly improves ordnance points and combat capability, and kitting out a single paragon with a few choice loadouts of vanilla weaponry (all beam weapons or all pulse laser weapons), and seeing how autopilot fares against the biggest and baddest threats.

A fully leveled beam paragon with all the best hull mods and combat perks like this is able to take on a templar fleet of pretty much any size, even multiple paladins simultaneously which are supported by jesuits and bulwarks, without sustaining any hull damage at all unless the autopilot AI pulls a significantly stupid move. When player controlled, it's not only possible, but actually quite easy to win against the best the templars have to offer without even taking armor damage. The carrier and fighters are especially susceptible to the amount of extended range beam weapons a paragon can carry. This is with SS+ mod as well, though, for what that's worth, and I'm talking about character level 30-40ish worth of upgrades, and specifically the paragon, which has somewhat unique advantages that work well with the 30% hard flux dissipation with shield active perk and general flux capacity/dissipation bonuses.

Amusingly, the vanilla beam weapons are actually more effective when stacked onto a paragon than trying to add in the stronger templar beam weapons, since the lower constant flux costs of vanilla beams allow for constant suppressing fire even while tanking hits on the shield.

Relatedly, and of possible interest, is that the arondight accelerator's flux damage when hitting a shield seems to ignore the fortress shield shipsystem's damage reduction. This might also be the case with the secace autocannon and Galatine Heavy Disruptor, I suspect, though I've only confirmed it with the accelerator. I figured it might not be intentional, but if it is, it's pretty much the only thing to give the abovementioned high level paragon setup any real trouble.

Sorry for the long winded, rambling walls of text, and thanks for your quick response and excellent mod work!

Mods / Re: [0.65.1a] The Knights Templar v0.9.3e
« on: November 27, 2014, 12:02:21 AM »
I've noticed a few problems and troublesome quirks with this mod since I've been using it.

In one of my playthroughs with this mod active, I decided to check out how it works when you side with the templars, which as I understand it (and only know about because of a comment in this thread), is only possible by just mass killing non-pirate, non-templar fleets in a system during an active crusade. I had 100% cooperative standing with every faction except pirates before starting to contribute to the crusades, at which point I started killing only independent fleets within crusaded systems. Doing this enough seems to raise the Templar's opinion of you after the crusade ends, and lowers your faction standing with every faction present in that sector, even if you've only been fighting one of them.

Now, this could be a problem if for some unrelated reason you are just already fighting one of the non-pirate factions, and happen to fight them a bit during a crusade, especially one where few or no templars actually show up during the entire event, so you might not even notice, or forget between play sessions, though it's not at all impossible to recover your faction standing from contributing to a crusade just once. In this way, it is at least possible to only be permanently hostile to one non-pirate faction, and just fix your losses with with everyone else, and make it to cooperative level with the templars. It takes an extra long time and a lot of concentrated effort, though.

Another thing I noticed is that once you do gain access to the templar's home base, way off in the middle of nowhere, far removed from the other systems, you don't even get the option to purchase a place to store ships and weapons, even after reaching max faction standing with the templars.

This is problematic not just due to the distance from everywhere else (especially combined with the fuel and extra high supply costs of the templar ships), but also for the fact that under normal circumstances, a player allied with the templars will have made permanent enemies with most or all of the other factions by doing so, and thus be unable to dock and store things anywhere else except the abandoned platform in Corvus, and completely unable to resupply and refuel other than by fighting huge enemy fleets, which is not enough to support the extra high maintenance supply costs of templar ships, much less the fuel costs of getting from system to system without having to slog all the way back to the templar home base, where you can't even store anything extra.

It also seems like the templar home base should have at least one of every one of their ships and weapons available for purchase in the market at every new market update cycle, since you can't very well just store all your ships and crew right there at the home base and just wait around for months and months and months at a time with 0.0 supply cost, hoping for the RNG to produce the number and kind of ships you require, and traveling the enormous distance from a populated system all the way back to the templar system and base is both boring and time/resource consuming to an extreme if you have more than a frigate in your fleet (which is impractical when all other factions are hostile to you), and yields desired results even less often than just waiting around the templar base in fast forward mode for hours and hours. Hours and hours of real time, that is, after which I still never saw a templar carrier or a joyeuse cannon, after speeding through ingame time on a scale of years.

The amount of effort and the sacrifices that have to be made to fully ally with the templars seems right, but basically, if you've worked your way to cooperative with the templars, they should at least be more minimally accomodating to a player that they consider their invaluable comrade, I'd think.

On a side note, it'd also be nice if the templars had a few or a lot of patrols all around the universe that were quite a bit smaller, like just one or two destroyers/frigates, and saved the really huge fleets mostly for crusades. At the moment it mostly seems like an all-or-nothing affair to fight them that first time, where if you turn them hostile before you have 40+ levels worth of perks and a fully decked out paragon or two, a massive fleet is going to easily run you down, or catch you by surprise and easily destroy you with vastly superior power AND numbers. Even if your fleet is a few big and powerful ships, you're not ever going to win against half a dozen templar frigates/destroyers, which can also always catch up to you.

Great mod though, still enjoying the shiny effects and overwhelming opposition immensely.

Mods / Re: [0.65.1a] The Knights Templar v0.9.3d
« on: November 19, 2014, 11:20:00 AM »
You're a very diligent and talented modder, and I appreciate your work.

I think this is my favorite mod, for both style and substance, and SS+ comes in at a close second.

Mods / Re: [0.65.1a] The Knights Templar v0.9.3c
« on: November 19, 2014, 01:19:51 AM »
I only started using this mod since it was updated for the latest starsector version. Since I began using it, I've been experiencing rampant save game corruption where after playing for so long, trying to load a save results in the load progress bar screeching to a halt, and the game locking up until I get an ingame notice of failure to load the save, as if the save contains too much info to process, or something.

This problem persists even in 0.9.3c, and even with all other mods disabled which aren't prerequisites for this one. My computer is a beast with way, way more than enough RAM, CPU, and GPU power, and I've even tried running a Large Address Aware program on Starsector's executable, to no avail.

Is anyone else having this problem, or am I somehow doing something wrong? The save corruption seems inevitable.

[EDIT]: Upon further testing, I think I may be mistaken and SS+ mod is the actual culprit.

[EDIT EDIT]: I hadn't read the SS+ mod thread's last few pages before posting this. Apparently there is some kind of problem between SS+ and this mod, and it's known?

General Discussion / Re: What now?
« on: October 30, 2014, 02:46:16 PM »
Just backup your vanilla save and go nuts with mods.

If you ever want to, you can just disable the mods and reload your vanilla save.

Starting over in a fresh new galaxy is fun! Try leveling up in a different way than you did before. Try hardcore trading if you did mostly combat before, or try a different kind of fleet, different character skills as you progress, etc.

This little ship, with the loadout you see, can solo and destroy multiple capital ships at once, without ever firing its inbuilt weapons (or any weapons at all), and before it starts to lose CR.


I just got done taking on a paragon and onslaught together in the sim, with this.

It's pretty hilarious, and might even be possible without some of the more powerful level 10 character perks.

[EDIT] Here, have some videos of this beastly frigate soloing capital ships without taking damage and without firing a shot: and

And how can I most quickly and easily trigger the change so I can force the Tri-Tachyon outpost in Magec to show me the super rare high tech stuff like longbows, tridents, wasps, hyperions, afflictors, apogees, auroras, and astrals?

I also wouldn't mind knowing how to find the other ships I've never seen in stores after reaching level 40-something and so many hours of gameplay, like the mining pods, warthogs, valkyries, and ventures.

[EDIT] I guess nobody knows this? Does anyone at least know if the above mentioned ships and fighters are ever for sale in campaign mode?

You know, this is *exactly* the sort of thing that'd be very helpful to see and something I could possibly act on - if there's a fight the AI loses/takes a lot of damage in where it really shouldn't. Even if it's something like a 50/50 chance to lose/take major damage, that'd be a good test case to look at and use to improve the AI.

If I can figure out how to make fraps record at lower file sizes, I'll just start recording my entire play sessions and cut out little clips of when it happens that severely, since I intend to keep playing this way.

Well, I just know you're under no obligation here, and you're spending your time to help me, and I really do appreciate that.

My pleasure.

Thanks for your time and responses!

I also found myself smiling at the description of the orbital lasers that "push back" the jungle and wildlife, leaving great expanses of ash for fertile crop growing. How delightfully utilitarian! Reminds me of a sci-fi novel I once read.

The first video's example was the only one where the autopiloted ship had significant (soft) flux before dropping shields. The first and second videos' examples were the only ones where the enemies were far off enough for it to seem excusable or a fluke. The third video's examples are the closest to what I've been seeing more consistently during a lot of gameplay and a lot of testing loadouts in the refit sim with autopilot.

I've seen this kind of thing happen with faster, more maneuverable ships like the medusa, too. I've been seeing it happen with much more serious consequences than the videos show, if that matters. Posting about this at all was prompted by my encountering it for about the hundredth time and getting blasted down to a quarter hull in a fight my ship shouldn't have taken any damage at all from (just a bunch of frigates and a weak destroyer).

I'd be very surprised if I was the first person to notice this, though I guess not a lot of people run around in a single ship set to autopilot. I don't remember this kind of thing being a problem in the versions I played before combat readiness was implemented, though I might just not have noticed.

Also, it boggles my mind that you consider it out of the ordinary for someone who mentions a possible bug or issue to provide some kind of evidence and clearer examples of what they're talking about. What if the people who play your game are mistaken, or stupid? You'd have wasted your time on a wild goose chase with something that wasn't even a real issue!

Anyway, even if what i've been seeing has affected my own gameplay to a mildly frustrating degree, it really isn't an issue if the vast majority of people don't play the way I do, I guess.

Suggestions / Re: Is storage to market overpowered?
« on: October 24, 2014, 06:10:31 PM »
Doubt stealing ships would be viable though.

I also like the idea of returning to your storage on a world/outpost that's been unstable lately to find that the Onslaught you stored has had its armor and weapons stripped. More, logical incentives to care about stability would be welcome.

On topic - I would also like to see high chances of your storage being raided on a planet that is in crisis for commodities that you have stored there, especially.

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