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anyone know why this mod went from 0.9.1a down to 0.9a? also does anyone have a copy of the 0.9.1a version they can send me?

The mdod was tagged as 0.9.1, yes, but although the mod IS compatible with 0.9.1 it will not be balanced, as it does not have the tweaks needed to be balanced against 0.9.1.

The mod will work, just not really balanced.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Simple Bribes
« on: July 17, 2020, 05:28:38 AM »
...which modders probably already have in place.
That is a problem.... every time you say "probably" you should do things in other ways because chances are there is some mod that won't work properly with this....

Plus I, at the time of writing, haven't received any complaints from anyone about this and I will 100% do my best to deal with each one of those. It's just I prefer dealing with issues as they show up instead of dealing with potential issues I might not know about.
I am trying to warn you in order to prevent complaints from appearing, waiting for a complaint to appear before you do something is a terrible way of programming, trust me or anyone else that does programming for a living on this one...

And yes this may sound contradictory to my plan on making this mod as future-proof as possible but I can somewhat control this stuff and I honestly don't want anyone to pester faction modders over my stupid mod so that's the big push towards that.
That is the thing... if things go wrong people WILL pester faction modders over this, and you CAN avoid that by offering more compatibility and tools for the factions modders to use.

Expanding on what Johnny Cocas said, his warnings are sound, but I get that putting work into a mod that immediately gets warnings of this kind can be discouraging. So, what I'll say is:

If you need help doing a better implementation - just ask! Many are willing to give some time from their day to help a new modder - especially when it benefits the community as a whole!  :)
I appreciate your message and the work you are making on your mod (and will be looking forwards to it) and you are not wrong, at all, people are willing to help and offer tips on how to make things properly, BUT the main issue here is people had already given help and their opinion over Discord, warning ClownCat that the methods used in this mod are dangerous and there are better alternatives, and yet ClownCat decidded to ignore them and continue doing stuff this way regardless. I tried to warn him again with my message, but it appears this is turning into yet another case of someone not taking feedback and opinions that go against their work... Let us hope this is not the case, it will depend on the answer given to this message.

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Simple Bribes
« on: July 14, 2020, 02:55:40 AM »
This mod is weird on a logic point of view, and bad in an implementation point of view. Allow me to start with the easiest one:

Why would someone like what are basically "space terrorists" accept a bribe from a random person or faction? Same thing goes for totalitarian, extremist or simply "bad guys" with nothing but the desire of conquering more stuff and destroying anything that is not one of them, not to mention certain factions where the "AI" will certainly not desire peace by any means, assuming they even know what a bribe is. Why would any of them accept peace through bribe (and in some cases, peace at all?)?

Now for the worst part...
The way you implemented this is wrong in several levels:
- It injects code into other people's mods, it would be MUCH preferable to go the same way mods such as Nexerelin or Commissioned Crews went, and if people want to have this feature on their mod, they WILL add it, in most cases you won't even need to ask people to add compatibility on their end because they'll do it gladly, no need for this (or any other mod) to forcibly change their files;
- It has the potential to break mods that require scripted interactions or certain faction relationships to be true within certain parameters, and even though you have a whitelist available allowing people to add the factions they want to be at peace with is NOT a desirable option to give to the common user the option to do so, as they'll be breaking mods without knowing it, and hoping that they will read one of the comments you have in the whitelist or even the forum thread in hope that they'll know your mod is the culprit if something goes wrong is putting your faith in the wrong hands when some fail to read messages right next to the download button itself;
- What if some modder DOES want his mod to be compatible with this mod? Will said person have to talk with you so you can update the whitelist with the next patch? Wouldn't it be easier to follow the same way many other mods did compatibility with faction mods? By doing so each faction could even set a tax or custom bribe values for their own faction, allowing for customization, ease and freedom to make a faction compatible if each faction mod's owner so decides;
- What if the user simply wants to install this mod and have all it's features available out of the box? Will they always be forced to edit the files if they want to (in practice) truly "enable" this mod?

Some notes:
- Yes, I mentioned the "space terrorists" and I know the Luddic Path is not in the whitelist, but that paragraph still applies to some modded factions as well;
- The existance of a whitelist does not invalidate the fact that this is not a safe implementation and makes turning a faction mod compatible with this mod a pain for the user, while all the user should have to do is download the mod, paste it in the correct folder and it's all done;
- I've seen the convos that happened in the discord server, and I'd recommend that you re-read them and accept the suggestions and tips people gave you. I don't expect you (or hope you don't) get backlash for doing things the way you did, but I can expect modders to start channeling errors at you and eventually people will start getting mad, nobody likes to have to deal with issues caused by someone else, and this will be no exception. You can prevent that from happening, and changing the way this mod works by giving modders the option to either make their faction compatible with this mod or not will be better for everyone: you, the modders, and the users.

Any chance to get some spoilers for new content?))

To be honest, not much new content... This update will mainly do the following:
- Update the mod to v0.9.1 (cost balancing);
- Streamline/simplify the ship roster;
- Adjust ship size classification for some ships (e.g. a destroyer becoming a cruiser);
- Some more stat balancing all around.
- Some changes to the star systems.

So I'd say this update will be more about removing content and fixing the existing one, than actually adding new stuff.

Love your mod too!
Have some questions.
1) In mission there is a big cool ship like Kadur's Hand of God. Any chance to obtain it ingame?
2) How long for new update? :D

Hey hey!  ;D

1) Only through cheating, or using the command console;
2) Somewhere in 2020; the changes are already done and the mod is now in the testing stage, so it'll be soon-ish!

Hey, first I love your mod. I always add it in my games. I find myself doing an FDS themed play through atm, and to that end I'm looking to add the blueprints to my faction via the console commands mod, as I have so many other mods active that I haven't found any properly yet. However searching via consolecommands mod, and in the fds mod files I am only able to find fds_civ_package, fds_military_package, fds_base_package, fds_adv_package and fds_missile_package, none of which have any of the advanced ships, with the submission being the strongest ship avaliable. Is there another set of blueprints I'm not seeing, or is it not included. And if thats the case is there anyway for me to add them to my game? Thanks

I am happy to hear that!  ;D

Most cruisers and capitals are only using the vanilla "rare" blueprint, meaning they have a chance to drop as an individual ship blueprint instead of bundled into a set. The FDS blueprints have all the ships that are considered "basic", even if that means you won't have access to the strongest ships right away in one BP. This is intended behaviour, although with the next update this may change due to changes made to the classification of several ships.

For now, your only way of adding the other ships through the command console is to add them one by one, like you would do with vanilla capital ships.

Hey, any news on your progress? I'm a new player and I really like the way you adopted triangle ships to the art style of Starsector. I really need them in all my space games. Or flying cathedrals :D
I hope you are ok in quarantine and that you can put some work in this project.

Hey hey! First of all, thanks for the support, and I hope things are working out well with you too!

Progress is still slow, due to the virus I'm working from home and that's a double edged sword... I'm glad I can still maintain my job in these times, but time available is still scarce and this new position as a team leader takes even more brain cells from me than before, so I can't promise any deadlines for the next updates...

The best I can do is to say that Yes, things will start moving eventually, so don't lose hope!  ;)

Suggestions / Re: Campaign layer AI Improvements
« on: March 23, 2020, 11:21:53 AM »
- Killing an enemy admiral and stopping his/her fleet from spawning back further contributes to the snowball effect the game suffers in the late game right now... So how to improve it?

I just want to make sure it's clear that this is not a vanilla feature :)

That is not in Vanilla, we know, but we were discusssing it as a possible addition to the game (related to questing and such), but also stating it as something that can't be implemented right now because of how the game works, and how it fails to even become hard for the player as it is, let alone with more tools to further cripple the AI :P Thus this campaign AI suggestion to make it more aggressive in both defending and attacking the player and the AI factions

Suggestions / Campaign layer AI Improvements
« on: March 23, 2020, 04:29:41 AM »
After a discussion in the discord server regarding "kill target" missions in RPGs and how something similar could be implemented in Starsector we got to a conclusion:
- Killing an enemy admiral and stopping his/her fleet from spawning back further contributes to the snowball effect the game suffers in the late game right now... So how to improve it?

One of the ideas was to make the AI factions more aggressive towards the player. If the player starts attacking a massive faction such as the Hegemony or Tri-Tach and has a colony somewhere, the enemy should gather up a "screw you" fleet lead by an admiral and remove that colony from the map, or take it for themselves, instead of staying passive and engaging the player only if they stumble on it or when defending their own colonies.
If the player starts attacking the trading fleets of some faction (or even their main combat fleets) I expect the enemy to send out scouting fleets actively looking for the player and call in for reinforcements to engage and strike back, or at least gather a fleet of hundreds of ships and raid the player's bases...

The AI feels too passive to threats and as such some features like the "taking down an enemy admiral to reduce the number of fleets the enemy can command" have no impact and only further contribute to the player snowballing the game as the game progresses. It shouldn't be possible for a single player to destroy one of the main factions of the game without having to slowly wear down the supply lines and mess with the chain of command of a faction, just as a faction 10 times the size of the player shouldn't just sit around and do nothing as they see their fleets slowly be destroyed.

Let's take Mount and Blade as an example.... You take an enemy castle, and gather up some men for a garrison. The castle was being guarded by 200 men and you managed to beat them with an army of 300, not bad... The issue is at some point (and often quite quickly) the enemy marshall with gather the armies of all vassals and try to retake the castle, and when they do, their combined armies will often be upwards of 1.5k men... The same does not really happen in Starsector, your actions only make you stronger and there's no risk other than what you are during that exact moment... You know that when you are trying to take an enemy colony the enemy defence fleets will engage you but after that... You have a new colony and a new source of income, but by doing so you are also crippling the enemy faction and they don't do much to stop you... They should be sending to your location the best fleets they have and try to retake the lost colony (or even destroy your own) while that colony is still undefended as the player had little time to gather up a defence fleet to defend the new colony.

I guess the suggestion would be an improved campaign AI that messes with the fleets allowing for coordinated attacks/defences, one that is more aggressive and responds to both the player's actions and the other AI factions' as well. It could improve the late game experience of the game and while it could make it harder for the player to start its own faction it would make maintaining one harder as well, especially at the start.
It would also open up the path to new mechanics such as disrupting the enemy supply lines and eliminating high profile targets as viable options to temporarily cripple the enemy and give you a breathing room to take your own actions.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for the quick reply! Best of luck!

Thank you!  :D

What are you working on next for the mod? If I recall you wanted to move away from being starwars mod?

Indeed I am, but new ships will take time and are not in the top of the to-do list.
Next update there will be some ship balancing, tweaks to some ship systems, some changes and fixes to the planets as well, and probably some more changes.

Regarding the "moving away from star wars" part, there are currently no star wars names nor portraits in the mod anymore, and the only similarity as of now is in the shape of the ships. When new ships are designed at least a couple will still have the wedge shape that became so known to this mod, but the ships will have more variety in terms of shape and weapon placement, and some will have large weapon mounts as well, something that is lacking right now...

This is as much as I can tell right now, time will tell the rest and make this a reality  ;)

Hi evryone, first of all, thanks a lot for this mod, i can't tell how exited i was when i saw the design of your ship, but i didn't find any of them right now, so here is  my question, is there colony or planet than i should look at to find those ship and weapon or is it only thanks to blueprint than will have some ? Thanks again for your mod. OH and maybe i misunderstood but i think i heard than you were working on new ship design different from stars wars ? i just thought about The Expanse i dont know if you know this Sci-Fi show but it could be great i think. Thank you for you attention and once again great work people !

Yes, there are some planets that will sell said ships. Did you activate the mod in the game launcher and/or unzip it first? If the mod is active 4 new star systems should appear on the map on the top right corner of the core worlds, unless you are trying to load the game into an existing save, a new save is required for the planets to appear

They did that on purpose.

It's still a mistake.  I don't know why people feel compelled to make factions with more military power than the Hegemony, or single worlds with higher industrial output than the rest of the sector combined.  Is it some kind of power-fantasy thing?  Because it certainly is balance breaking, that's for sure.

Don't get me wrong, I like the mod and I love the ships, but the idea of "Fringe" nation having that kind of doom-stack production ability kind of defeats their own backstory, does it not?

You are both right, code does not appear by accident and this is no exception, but it is also true that a bit of common sense and proper testing could prevent things like this to happen....

I'll revisit the planetary systems and tweak this (among other things), don't worry!
Thanks for the feedback/heads up!

I'm downloading this just for the Star Destroyers.   :D

Eheheh, hope you enjoy it!  ;)

First off, bravo.  Love this faction. 
Just a quick bug report you probably already know:
Ship named Submission is a Cruiser with the stats and description of a Destroyer. Price/Size and DP of a Cruiser.

I hear you are a busy dude, but if you ever get around to updating this mod I for one would be thrilled.  Huge fan of the new weapons.  The Singularity ability is the most fun I've had in this game.  "Nothing personal, kid" every time you hit F.

Thanks a bunch!

First of all, thank you for all the support! It's always nice to hear such words  ;D

Yes, there is an update in the works that (among other changes) will fix many of the issues with oversized ships for their classes and will remove many of them as well, mostly "duplicate ships" (both visual and in function), and the Submission is one of them! Time has been an issue, yes, and my original plan of releasing it at the end of January is clearly gone long ago... I may call for some vacations soon so I have time to deal with the mod and other personal issues... We'll see!

The singularity ability is still missing something... Maybe not in the next update but soon(ish) I'd like to revisit it and tweak the visuals a bit so it looks more satisfying to use (and scary to fall prey to), so stick around! ;)

Thanks for the feedback!

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