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Suggestions / Re: Maximum minimum armor
« on: July 11, 2020, 01:43:30 AM »
I don't think creating exceptions and special rules is something you want to get into, unless you have literally no other alternative.

I can't remember where it was mentioned, but someone a while ago suggested that the Thumper might benefit from being continuous fire, and I think they could be right.
It would probably have to have its fire rate reduced, and maybe more recoil added.
And if it stays at 9OP its flux efficiency could be raised a little, but it might be worth looking at making it cheaper instead.

My personal gripe against the Condor is its out of combat stats... why does it have such low cargo and fuel storage?
Lore. (Specifically implied lore.)
Condor is a converted Tarsus and the original conversion process is described as "involved and complex", with the implication that the ship in question has sacrificed almost all of its previous abilities in order to do something it was not originally intended to do.
The implication itself comes from the statement that the conversion process was originally created by scavangers and pirates looking for a way to field fighters. And neither group would have the means to perform such a conversion without some manner of significant compromise.
The process itself is no longer "complex" because of access to nanoforges, but there's nothing to say the process was improved in any way from the original.

This is also a partial explaination for the low speed.
Tarsus has a speed of 45. And Condor, which is basically a gutted Tarsus, has a speed of 40.

Personally, I don't see a problem with this. It's all fluff, but its consistent fluff.
Condor is "good enough" (for me) to use for a while, but its not something I'd want to use past a certain point if I had any other alternatives.

Shrike is kinda killy with its missiles, until it isn't.
This is the issue with Shrike (and a few other ships). It tends to get itself into situations it can't easily get out of with alarming regularity, and as a result is frequently in the recovery list at the end of the battle.

I'm guilty of this. For a very specific reason.

All the ships in the "base_bp" category are essentially failsafes that are there so a faction that doesn't have access to heavy industry or blueprints can create at least passably functional defence and trade fleets for the campaign layer. (Some are even essential to fleet compostion for every faction.)
Those ships are literally the bare minimum needed to fulfil thier role. They don't need to be "good", just "good enough".
And you can't make them "too good" either, because then you risk undermining thier other, equally important function:
Having bad ships is absolutely critical. Pirates need to fly clunkers for the early game progression to make sense.

Take this as tongue-in-cheek (or don't, I'm not your mom)
The very specialised role of the Condor is: Get 2x fighter wings into battle.
That's it.

Suggestions / Re: Overwhelming new players
« on: July 06, 2020, 05:00:54 AM »
It might be worth considering divorcing the tutorial from the game entirely, and have it as it's own self contained "module" that can be invoked from the game menu as required.
That way it could be expanded to cover the various mechanics without the constraint of trying to also manitain a cohesive narrative at the same time.
Maybe even go into enough detail to have "automated" segments which show how things work & how to use them.

This is all pipedream stuff though, and represents a very non-trivial amount of work.

...the tutorial could use some downsizing. It's not really necessary to give the player destroyers right away.
This however, is something that could be addressed, and would (imo) make the game "flow" feel a bit less like a torrent.
And I'm saying this as someone who despises flying frigates myself. If it helps player uptake/retention even the tiniest bit - hit me.

Suggestions / Re: Fast missile racks use with recharging missiles
« on: July 05, 2020, 01:38:55 PM »
Here's a list of all the vanilla missiles and thier cooldown times:
  • Small - Reaper - 5 sec
  • Small - Atropos - 1 sec
  • Small - Hammer - 1 sec
  • Small - Swarmer - 5 sec
  • Small - Annihilator - 5 sec
  • Small - Salamander - 25 sec
  • Small - Harpoon - 1 sec
  • Small - Sabot - 1 sec
  • Medium - Harpoon - 8.25 sec
  • Medium - Sabot - 8.75 sec
  • Medium - Salamander - 25 sec
  • Medium - Annihilator - 0.5 sec
  • Medium - Pilum - 15 sec
  • Medium - Proximity - 3 sec
  • Medium - Reaper - 15 sec
  • Large - Reaper - 15 sec
  • Large - MIRV - 15 sec
  • Large - Squall - 10 sec
  • Large - Swarmer - 5 sec
  • Large - Hammer - 5 sec

There are very clearly some missiles which are not going to benefit from bypassing thier cooldown timer because it's trivial and would probably be over by the time you reach to press <F> anyway.

The recharging of the missiles doesn't seem particularly relevant as FMR will work just fine with any missile (that recharges or not), so long as there's ammunition.
Salamanders are only unique in this regard because they are the only missile type which does not use ammunition counters.

However, FMR is atrociously bad with recharging missiles like Pilums. You don't get significant burst like rapid-firing Harpoons/Sabots, neither you get sustain of Salamanders.
Comparing a direct weapon to a suppression weapon is never going to make the latter look good.
If I modify a Harpoon pod to recharge, does that make it bad? It works exactly the same as it did before, only now for longer. FMR still has the same interaction with it so long as there's any ammunition left, which there always will be now. So why is that bad?

Is it the partial salvo thing?
Because that's not really an issue, more of a self-balancing mechanism for bursty recharging missiles.
Even if you don't like that you can either change the recharge parameters to specify a higher number of missiles to load for each step, or just straight up remove the ammo counter (which might not be a bad idea for Pilum actually - just have them on the cooldown timer like Salamander).

Discussions / I felt a need to share this
« on: July 02, 2020, 07:04:06 AM »
I would like to show you quite possibly the finest, most wonderful and magnificent work of art ever crafted by a sapient mind.
However this process will result in the unfortunate doxxing of a respected and lovely forums poster.

HELMUT is made of soup.

Suggestions / Re: Option to forbid blueprints.
« on: July 02, 2020, 03:45:42 AM »
Could this not work as a tri-state toggle?

When being produced by industry, the Pathfinder never completes and just consumes money forever.

The cause is the ship type "vayra_pathfinder" not being defined in default_ship_roles.json.
Adding the following to roles allowed construction to complete:

SWP Excelsior might be worth looking at.

poor Mule is at F tier. I'd say it's the best hybrid ship we have
A fair point. Because Mule is good. (imo)
One of the best ship options in the early game. Can fill 5 roles simultaneously. (Freighter, surveyor, light skirmisher, missile platform, aux carrier.)
Not as capable as Venture on paper, but arguably a better choice as thier greater speed + mobility system makes them much more survivable.

More love for the base_bp ships!

I'd say yes.
Venture is the largest, and most heavily armed ship which can be built without access to any additional blueprints.
If you build a military base without a heavy industry, your largest colony defence fleets will be squads of bricks Ventures.
They actually do okay enough that H.Ind. isn't a huge priority. (For me.)

Venture has a lot of uses and is a lot stronger than people give it credit for.
I did a "joke" game a while ago where I used nothing but Ventures. It was... Different. Fairly capable-ish though, if a little frustrating due to thier low speed both in & out of combat. Okay with bounties until multiple caps show up. Not great for Ordos (can't quite manage a battleship group - did kill the battleship itself tho).
Venture might be trash. But it's reasonably strong trash.

Suggestions / Re: Colony Threat Timers
« on: June 14, 2020, 03:13:42 AM »
The trick is to make it clear and descriptive enough without taking up much screen space.
The only thing I don't like about the idea of manually toggling it on

Every threat defaults to "tagged" and appears on screen.
Each threat can be "dismissed" individually if it is of limited/no concern to the player.

The potential for clutter is high though, so maybe only the first x most imminent threats are displayed, and when they either expire or are dismissed the next one immediately takes its place if there are more than x active threats.

What is x though?
I'm running with screen height of 1080, and could proabably fit 5 or 6 events fairly comfortably under the date counter.
Not everyone will have the same settings or preferences, so it might be an idea to limit x to 3 or 4 for maximum compatibility with the widest range of possible display configs, and then add a line in settings.json so the player can adjust this if desired.

But just having the 3 most imminent active threats on display would still be incredibly useful.

Suggestions / Re: Debris Field Improvements
« on: June 13, 2020, 12:22:48 PM »
Though it could be argued that if you scavenge your own cover you shouldn't get to use it as cover any longer.
100% fine with this. Make a choice: Loot or cover.

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