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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Painting the Stars (02/07/20)

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Dunno about the zip version bug but when applying the Hotfix jar to the beta branch, the save game seems to stop loading as it says its incompatible or outdated mods, yet without it the save does work fine with the mod updated


Is the jar file supposed to fix it or is the fix already included and up to date and Im just using an outdated one?
The .jar gets installed over the beta zip, yeah.
Make sure you've edited the settings.json file as described in this post

In my game i have lots of rebellion ongoing in the Core Worlds, never had this before.
Rebellions are new in 0.9.6, yeah. They always happen after a successful invasion (unless it's a faction retaking a planet that originally belonged to it), and can also happen over time when stability stays low enough for a while.

And i say it again , when Faction A announce to invade a Planet from Faction B , normally Faction B would get some sort
of Special Fleet , but not now.
Not sure what you mean by "special fleet".
Defense fleets in response to invasions will silently* spawn if brawl mode is enabled in config.
The new special task groups may also appear during an invasion or raid, although whether they'll show up depends on several factors (they need to exist in the first place, then the target needs to be more important than anything else they might be doing right now, then they need to get there in time...)

*there's a bug in the zipped version that makes them non-silent, but the hotfix .jar fixes this

Also there were 2 or more special events , where colonies were completly wiped out , i don`t know why.
Colonies can decivilize (vanilla feature) if they're at zero stability for long enough, that may have been what happened.
Also if a faction decides to saturation bomb a colony and it's size 4 or smaller, it'll be instantly destroyed.

Is this being considered? If it is, can we also have an option to sell ships to an up and coming invasion fleet? You know like the trade missions where we deliver supplies and goods but this time we deliver slightly-used/pre-loved (read: structurally damaged) Onslaughts at premium prices for more war profiteering enjoyment?
- Invasion spawn frequency and (to an extent) maximum fleet size already depend on the faction's industrial production, as noted in a couple of the recent previous posts.
- Ship procurement missions sound neat :) I'll look at them some time down the road.

General Discussion / Re: mod for a godmode toggle?
« on: February 21, 2020, 04:49:58 AM »
Console Commands mod, enter command god ingame

Does the production of goods like Ship Hulls and Marines effect how often and how strong expedition fleets are? The Rimworld Corporation is sending 5 very strong fleets that threaten my main system will all fully-upgraded star forts and 2 high commands despite only having three *** worlds.
There's a cap to invasion size based on the faction's ship hull/marine/supplies/fuel production, precisely to avoid this sort of issue with weak factions sending huge invasions. But the cap may be scaling too fast, and is disabled completely in brawl mode.
If it's not brawl mode, I can take a look at the save if you feel like it.

Hello, is there a way to increase the number of raids you can do on a planet while still getting blueprints or at least disable that limit ? I'm a bit tired of getting a only a single trash blueprint from raiding Raesvelg and having to wait to be able to raid again, especially since it seems that you can't savescum the results.
You can change the cooldown in settings.json -> nex_raidBPCooldown
In the 0.9.6 beta there are also settings to control how many blueprints you get per raid.

Suggestions / Re: Planetary Invasion - It's war, not a battle
« on: February 20, 2020, 06:53:39 AM »
Partly photoshopped mockup of something I'd been designing over the weekend. Inspired partly by the "Raiding for Fun and Profit" blog post.

(not shown here, but deploying units also costs supplies)

The idea is that you can only deploy/move around a limited number of forces each daily turn, so you have to plan a bit on where and how much you want to commit your forces. Taking one industry at a time lowers your initial losses but gives the defenders (both surface and space) more time to respond, while hitting multiple targets at once speeds things up at the cost of higher losses. And if you concentrate all your forces in one place and the enemy hits you elsewhere...
Also it lets me partially decouple invasion difficulty from the game's ground defense strength displayed on the GUI, if I need to.

I suspended work on it when I realized it had an inconsistency with vanilla raid mechanics (both current and upcoming), and removing that would render the whole system pointless. Specifically, vanilla raids don't even pretend to have a concept of lift capacity; you can deploy All the Marines in a single drop if you want.

Fun fact: The original design before I started actually coding it was even more wackily complex. It tracked "horizontal" and space-to-surface/surface-to-space lift costs separately, and you had to drop supplies with the force on each industry and regularly resupply them (and if they ran out, bad things would start happening).

Anyway, my current simplified idea for next Starsector version is to just tweak the vanilla raid system a bit.
You disrupt all the industries you don't need to use immediately after with disruption raids, then the invade option requires you to do a disruption-like raid (that doesn't actually disrupt) on all the non-disrupted industries (including Population & Infrastructure) simultaneously, with a minimum strength requirement for each. This means that for a large and/or well-defended planet you'll likely be spending a lot of time in orbit disrupting industries one by one till you've whittled them down enough for the actual invasion, and even afterwards the planet will be pretty trashed (i.e. not such a great prize, at least not immediately).

Is it possible to disable invasions or, even better, restrict them to planets smaller than size 5?
Basically, is there a way to set up Nexerelin that removes the win conditions and makes it so that the the core systems cant be wiped out? A "Nexerelin Lite", if you will?
exerelin_config.json -> set enableInvasions to false
Note that rebellions, decivilizations and such will still occur.

Is there a way to trigger a rebellion? of better yet, a is there a way to trigger a rebellion sponsored by your faction? I figured if i sold a couple of marines, supplies and armaments at the black market it would trigger off after some time, but i think i misinterpreted and those are just for when a rebellion is taking place.
Yeah, there's no method for the player to deliberately incite a rebellion yet. I'll probably (re-)implement the 'incite rebellion' action for agents at some point, though not necessarily in the release version of 0.9.6.

-- Edit: I managed to find a section of code in Nexerelin\jars\\sources\ExerelinCore\exerelin\campaign\ that might affect what I wish to change. Would there be any negative effects to changing line 91 in this file to have more bonus levels on a smoother curve?

You can edit the file, but you'd then have to recompile the mod code, which I don't recommend because it's kind of a pain.
Though I can put the values in the config... there. Put this file in Nexerelin/jars, and add this line to Nexerelin/data/config/settings.json (will crash without it):
Code: json
	"nex_bonusAdminLevels":[0, 10, 25, 50, 80, 120, 200, 300],
(you can change the values or insert new ones as you please)

Seems there's a bug where the "is Nex dev" debug check wasn't working properly (that intel should only display for normal players in devmode). Thanks, fixed.

(And yeah, the fleet name isn't generated till the player gets close to its current location)

Awesome. ;D Is there a new link for the fixed version?
Yep, use the link above

So i'm getting an odd error since swapping out the core.jar,   when starting a new game i CTD and see a complaint about "agent_steal_ship_config.csv not found".
You need to install the beta linked here (and then the jar on top of it), not just the jar.

I think my faction growth is bugged. I have 13 colonies with a total combined size of 66 (2x7 1x6 6x5 4x4) yet I still only have +3 administrators (for 7 total)

How can I get more administrators? I've pumped millions into colony growth, conquer-mongered the heck out of Sindrian Diktat and pirates, yet I can NOT get more admins! This has got to be bugged, I ain't seen another admin slot in CYCLES.
Not a bug :) New admin slots come at total size: 10, 25, 50, 80, 120, 200, 300

While i'm here, i may as well throw a suggestion, this is something that i'm sure has been requested before or at least i'm sure you have considered: The ability for the player faction to throw raids, just like how the AI does.

Here's what i was considering for it in case it serves for anything:
Raiding parties would be assembled via the "request fleet" menu, instead of targeting a planet, you target a system instead so the list of targets will only reflects inhabitated system names.

There would be three sliders for raid assembling:
-Fleet Size
-Duration of Raid
-Debuff Impact

Naturally, longer raids take more cash, this is assuming the raiding forces don't get defeated during their process. Debuff Impact would have three choices:
1.- -1 stability, -10% access
2.- -2 stability, -30% access
3.- -3 stability, -50% access

And each higher tier of debuff would increase the cost very significantly.

Once the fleet arrives to the system, it'll apply it's debuff to any hostile colonies and will essentially roam around hunting and killing until it's time is up or it's completely destroyed.
Hmm. The thing is, there isn't a clear benefit for the player to launch a raid against a system, unless I added a feature that the raiders can bring back commodities they loot (which still isn't a very exciting bonus unless you can swipe something high-value like a nanoforge).
Raids cause the player trouble by cutting their colonies' accessibility and stability, thus reducing income. But NPC factions don't use credits, and the increased player income from reducing a competitor's market share is... well, I don't even have an intuitive feel for how much -30% access to a particular system would benefit the player in any particular scenario. But also I don't expect it to exceed the cost of the raid fleet itself.

So I expect the main use case would be to get a large number of friendly ships to assist player invasions, both by fighting local defenses and reducing the target's ground defense strength through lower stability.

Been playing the beta version for a day now and this is the only thing I caught that was odd, though it's probably supposed to be there since it's a beta.

Also, a second Hegemony special forces fleet spawned but this one doesn't have a unique name like the first. It's just called "Hegemony Special Task Group"
Seems there's a bug where the "is Nex dev" debug check wasn't working properly (that intel should only display for normal players in devmode). Thanks, fixed.

(And yeah, the fleet name isn't generated till the player gets close to its current location)

Suggestions / Re: More tiers on bounties
« on: February 18, 2020, 04:58:45 PM »
Bounty FP increases nonlinearly at high tiers, but wouldn't you also say it's true that a large bounty which allow capitals (or indeed enforce them, due to hitting the fleet cap) can use its FP more efficiently, in the sense that an enemy Paragon will be much harder for the player to deal with than three Hammerheads?

Previous beta had some bugs involving special forces fleets spawned using a subfaction (e.g. Lion's Guard or DME Sixth Bureau); here's a hotfix for the nine of you who downloaded the old version.

I haven't downloaded yet, because i wanted to ask first:

Will updating nex to the beta version break saves? Cuz judging by the list of changes i am most certain that it'll do, but wanna make sure. Thanks!
I'm also interested in knowing if updating to the beta version will break current saves or not.
The beta is compatible with existing saves to my knowledge, but it won't spawn the special forces fleets.
(Put this .jar in Nexerelin/jars to fix that)

So, what's the rules for the saturation bombings for settling in "claimed" systems when that system is contested between two factions?

I have a commission with the League and a colony in Maryasura system but Tri Tach wants to smear my colony in spite of my affiliation with a faction they tolerate sharing a system with.

Is it possible to settle in contested systems? Or do I have to stick with the single-faction systems?
The vanilla rule is the NPC faction with the biggest military market controls the system, or if there isn't one, the faction with the biggest market. Only the system owner sends territorial sat bomb expeditions.
This is kept in Nexerelin, except the player can also be considered to be the system owner.
Commissions only protect you from the commissioning faction, not any third parties. Also factions only target player colonies for territorial sat bombs, not other NPC factions, because life is unfair that way.

If you're not already hostile with the faction, though, they should first demand tribute (this is an intel item you have to watch out for). This applies a pretty hefty debuff to the colony (-40% gross income, -50% size growth) but they'll leave it alone, and you can always cancel the tribute later.
Also, if you can fend off the expeditions, once the colony gets to size 5 it won't get bombarded.

-NPC markets get half the growth rate benefit from free port (not counting the effects of increased accessibility)
- why you change this? Is it suppose to be opposite?
It makes Free Port condition on NPC markets have half the growth bonus as on player markets (they'll still grow faster than NPC markets without Free Port). I did this because NPC free ports (like all the random pirate planets) were growing a wee bit too fast compared to the rest of the Sector, shall we say.

Previous beta had some bugs involving special forces fleets spawned using a subfaction (e.g. Lion's Guard or DME Sixth Bureau); here's a hotfix for the nine of you who downloaded the old version.

Next Nexerelin version: Info for modders
Here's some stuff you may want to do before/after Nexerelin v0.9.6 is released.
"Special forces"
Each NPC faction can have "special task groups" which will independently fly around and do things (generally assisting a raid-type event by their faction, defending their faction against an enemy raid-type event, or just patrolling a friendly location). You can configure them for your faction with the following tags:
  • specialForcesMaxFleets: How many special forces fleets the faction can have alive at one time (default 2)
  • specialForcesPointMult: How quickly the faction accumulates points needed to spawn SF fleets.
  • specialForcesSizeMult: Modifier for fleet size.
  • specialForcesNamerClass: Code to generate the names of the fleet. Normally this is "<commander>'s Fleet", but other ideas are possible. Code examples provided here
Ship stealing
Agents can steal a ship known to the market's faction and have it delivered to any non-hidden market, for a cost normally equal to twice the ship's base buy value. This is automatically disabled for ships that are blacklisted on Prism and/or have the UNBOARDABLE hint. You can also define price multipliers for each ship, or block them entirely, with this file.

Vayra's Sector High Value Bounty ships
These can now be purchased from Prism Freeport once their bounty events are launched or completed (similar to how IBBs work). The two systems will use the same definition file (here).

Blueprint trade values
(this is already in current version)
If one of your blueprint packages (or for that matter specific-item BPs) is worth too much at the Prism Freeport trader, you can change its value using data/config/prism/prism_blueprints_values.csv.

There's also a prism_blueprints_blacklist.csv if you want to prevent a blueprint from being sold (note that any weapons or ships blacklisted from appearing in the High-End Seller will also not have blueprints at the trader).
You can download a beta release for testing/code compilation purposes here.
It's open for non-modders too, feel free to test or just play for fun.

Is it possible to edit outpost settings? I want remove supplies and fuel generation.
There's no setting to disable the supply/fuel generation or anything, although a mod can do it in code. Just don't take the stuff from the stockpile, I guess.

Also did invasion points generation depends on ships types or it is generic? Its 24000 for Hegemony fleet with 30 battleships and 24000 for TT with 30 wolves?
The invasion chargeup points are completely abstract and don't directly control the size of the resulting invasion force, although a larger force "costs more" in that it delays the next invasion longer.
So the 30 Onslaught fleet might reset the charge to -50,000 points, while the 30 Wolf one might only reduce it to 20,000 (so it gets back to 24k a lot sooner).
(Note: Numbers above are just made-up examples, not actual figures)

Suggestions / Unify fleet points and deployment points?
« on: February 14, 2020, 06:03:10 PM »
As in, make the 'fleet pts' column in ship data have the same value as DP/supplies-to-deploy, unless a particular ship needs them to be different for whatever reason.

The issue here is that cruisers and capitals have inflated DP costs relative to their FP costs. e.g.
Wolf: 5 FP, 5 DP
Hammerhead: 10 FP, 10 DP
Eagle: 14 FP, 22 DP
Paragon: 30 FP, 60 DP

This has certain effects on the gameplay of generated fleets.

Good effects
A fleet can have more cruisers and capitals to challenge the player, without needing a disproportionate FP value on fleet generation.

Bad effects
Basically every complaint involving capital bloat in things like expedition fleets and similar mod content. In particular, I believe the FP/DP mismatch is partly responsible for that annoying difficulty spike where e.g. a 150k named bounty can have one capital, but a 300k bounty has like six.

It also leads to strange autoresolve results, as in "it only takes three Hammerheads to match a Paragon?" I think this includes pursuit autoresolve, which would be an area where the discrepancy has direct (albeit minor) effects on the player.

Lastly it just seems to complicate stuff needlessly for modders and in discussions where backend values are relevant.

That said, I'm assuming the separate values weren't just introduced on a whim. Alex, I'd be interested in hearing what the original rationale was? Then we can talk about whether the good outweighs the bad.

It spawns huge capital blobs because:
  • it estimates it needs that many fleet generation points to overcome the patrols and (if present) station
  • capitals are underpriced in terms of fleet points
  • the fleet compression to obey 30 ship limit also makes more capitals
I may make a discussion thread about the underlying issue with fleet generation later.

(Also big invasion fleets shouldn't be that frequent, certainly not "every two minutes")

In a more realistic scenario the fleet sizes of nations would be limited by their number of heavy industries, nanoforges and total income.  If you want to get more detailed then factor in things like the availability of ship hulls commodities.
Invasion/raid fleet charging (though not vanilla stuff like patrols and expeditions, or other mods' content) already uses availability of ship parts, marines, supplies and fuel, btw. Disrupting their production will slow the frequency of invasions and raids.


I installed Nexerelin, Vayra's Sector and some other mods.
I enabled "Random Core Worlds" in the starting menu.
Now I miss all inactive gates. I couldn't find a single one.
But since I play with the mod "Active Gates" I really would like to get them back.

Are inactive gates not available with random core worlds?
It does spawn gates in the outer systems as normal, and they can also appear in core systems. But the latter is rare, because the random core systems only have the same chance to have a gate as the outer systems, unlike the handmade systems which makes seemingly one gate for every two systems.

You can find all the gates in inhabited systems by pasting this code into console:
Code: java
runcode for (StarSystemAPI sys : Global.getSector().getStarSystems())
if (Global.getSector().getEconomy().getMarkets(sys).isEmpty()) {
continue; /* comment this line out to make it also find gates in non-inhabited systems */
for (SectorEntityToken ent : sys.getAllEntities()) {
if (ent.hasTag(Tags.GATE)) {
Console.showMessage("Gate " + ent.getName() + " in " + sys.getName());
In the future I may also manually seed some gates at the random core worlds.

Bug Reports & Support / [0.9.1a] CTD on clicking name in NGC dialog (minor)
« on: February 14, 2020, 05:06:40 PM »
Random discovery: When you start a new game and get to the part where you select your skills, you can click your character name as you would in campaign to rename the character. However, actually trying this causes a CTD.

128562 [Thread-4] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain  - java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.fs.starfarer.coreui.c.??0000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.coreui.c.actionPerformed(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.ui.newnew.buttonPressed(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.ui.I.?00000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.ui.I.processInput(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.ui.O0Oo.o00000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.BaseGameState.traverse(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.state.AppDriver.begin(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain.main(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)
at Source)

General Discussion / Re: How can i farm blueprints with mods?
« on: February 13, 2020, 03:53:06 AM »
The blueprint raid cooldown is from Nexerelin. You can change or remove it by modifying the value of nex_raidBPCooldown in Nexerelin/data/config/settings.json, although any existing in-force cooldowns will remain.

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