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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Painting the Stars (02/07/20)

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Lil dev update here, I'm working on a new release but I've been discovering more stuff to fix and doing some content polish, so it's taking some time 'cause I want to make sure it's the last update I'll need to do until I actually want to make new content or something that isnt fixes or polish in the future.

For personal use, I have a Imagos with all the peak time, armor, and hull I can add. One question about it though, what determines have much each projectile eaten adds to the energy burst? Is it just damage of the projectile?

Hey, I dunno if the mechanics of that have been exhaustively explained anywhere so let me give it a go off the top of my head..

Each absorbed projectile adds "power" to a multiplier based on its damage, and there is a base damage value for the explosion that is modified by the power, up to a cap. In addition to that, the damage of the energy burst is also modified by what it hits, so that it isnt disproportionally powerful against frigates or useless against larger ships. I recall this was partly done due to some weirdness with EMP arcs converging on small targets and being more powerful becuase they arent spread out. Finally, the system weighs damage types differently when calculating the power, so frag is reduced to 0.25x to prevent disproportionally big reward for just absorbing some PD fire (and due to how frag tends to be budgeted when people make weapons)

So the raw damage of what goes in is strongly related to the damage of what goes out but with a lot of necessary abstraction involved.

Credits to Sundog for working out this amazing implementation btw. After that, it took a lot of tweaking variables to get it to a point where it feels consistent and doesnt have lots of bad edge cases.

Sounds like the colony has had its Heavy Industry disrupted, bombed or sabotaged (or some other aspect of core gameplay)

Edit: Actually, how DO you get the N-0 to show up? If im understanding this file correctly, it already should. Is it just hideously rare? I actually have a Morpheus but I've never seen a zero.

It's just rare. Eventually it does show up in military markets (or even more rarely, as a derelict ship procedurally generated somewhere).
Right now, the rarest ships have no interesting ways to fall into player hands - because if I made them more common, they would also be more common in faction fleets, which is undesireable. But they do spawn - just rarely. Maybe in the future there will be quests or some other ways to get them.

The enforcer's 5 medium mounts are a way to say "I can use the best PD in the game and still have medium weapons for offense" (flak cannons)

A classic enforcer that doesn't downsize is 1 frontal flak, 4 HVDs/arbalests + finisher missiles, which I think is the max amount of firepower it can reliably support. It's also great as an SO ship with 2 HMG, 1 ACG and 2 vulcans.

Really, the Enforcer is one of the most balanced ships the game has, and I don't think it needs much tweaking - the Hammerhead could do with a nerf to turn rate so it's easier to flank it, if the mounts are to remain the same. Alternatively make its shield arc worse so it can be hit from the sides. After it got hybrids it opened up builds that increased its power level to a massive degree.

Good post. Echo that midline frigate options are a bit weird 'cause they are the only tech that without an appealing player ship in that size range. Kind of an issue of a lack of mobility and playmaking capabilities.
I would say a combat frigate with maneuvering jets is a good fit for midline, which is what I recall I hoped the Centurion would be when it first appeared in the patch notes. If anything, I feel like the Brawler and Centurion overlap too much. One has firepower but no PD, the other has PD but less firepower. Having no effective way to get PD is such a giant drawback for a ship that it needs a correspondingly huge advantage in other areas, which I feel the Brawler lacks - its survivabilty and strength is too greatly offset by the giant sucker punch of folding to stray Salamanders or fighter attacks.
However, I am of the (seemingly uncommon) opinion that the Centurion is not a bad ship, just not an exciting one. It could stand to be a tiny bit faster, I guess.

Vigilance: One of the hardest ships to get work done with, unless you are spamming them to get maximum Pilum saturation or something. I feel like the design could recieve a built in missile hullmod and still not be overpowered - it's a ship that always has one or more major weaknesses no matter how you outfit it, because even if you commit the medium turret to point defense, it still has a grand total of one turret to play with, and the missile carrying capacity isnt all that impressive.
If you compare it to the Wolf, you quickly begin to realize how outclassed it truly is, even just pound-for-pound without considering the insane utility of phase skimmers.

Thanks for all the bug reports, got it fixed internally, just working on some more balance adjustments and some sprite updates before I release it.

Reporting a minor bug.

Doesn't load on linux, it seems like it's because the code assumes case-insensitive filenames from MagicLib. If you rename all the base_* files in graphics/magic/fx/ with BASE_*, the mod will load.

You should post that in the MagicLib thread.

Out of curiosity, what tag did you edit to get the 0-Series to show up?
mod/data/hulls/ship_data.csv, and delete "no_drop" from the AS column from what you want to show up.

About that: to my knowledge, no_drop only makes it so blueprints don't spawn in the wild corresponding with that ship - when no_drop is there, the only way to get the BPs is by raiding the market of a faction that knows it from the start. This is intentional for the rarest ships in the mod. It doesn't affect the spawn rate of ships in markets, but I've confirmed they do show up eventually. If you want the BPs to show up on research stations and the like, remove no_drop.

edit: Market spawning, however, is governed partly by default_ship_roles.json which also determines how often ships show up in fleets.

@Sy - I appreciate the detailed feedback! Together, I think the nerfs you proposed would make the Antaeus bad. Like, actually bad. However, I agree that it's overtuned, but not to the extent that these simulator scenarios appear to indicate. A drastic nerf would make the ship useless by virtue of being a giant target that naturally puts itself at the front of the line, in a faction where almost no other ship is capable of taking the heat for it when things go bad. I'm gonna be tweaking a few things (mainly the shield) and bump the supply footprint up to 30, I think.

Or am I missing something?

hmm you probably have the "Blackrock" hullmod tag deselected by default. Under the hullmod list when picking a hullmod, check if it's selected or not.

Just wanted to drop in and say I've been playing with blackrock since it was first released and I'm beyond excited to have it back. I know you get harassed a lot for updates, but thank you for all the hard work. Seriously. On behalf of all the lurkers out there, its appreciated.

Glad to hear it! I don't really know what else to say, but I really am happy to know people are having fun with the stuff I made.

I had the same feeling for a while about PDEs, realized that most of the time some other weapon is more worth the slot/OP investment.

I did some tweaking on the build and decided to rebalance all stats around longer burst duration and beamspeed for all three - should be far better in their intended role comboing with kinetic fire. The bigger weapons have longer range and duration and thus are better overall, but are a bigger slot investment. Gonna playtest and work on some other stuff alongside it to arrive at something that feels just right.

I don't see any redeeming quality to the Micro Argus PD. Please explain? :)

It's a burst-operated PD beam for 4 OP.

But it does have one unique strength, it costs no flux to fire and thus can be left firing without taking away your 0-flux boost. It's niche but it can be more relevant than you think.

Yeah, it's due to a missing tag... will do some stuff to fix that and other weapon availability factors in the upcoming hotfix. Thanks for letting me know.

If you are getting those crashes, it's likely that you dont have the latest Starsector hotfix (RC8) installed. That is a known issue with custom ballistic_as_beam proj in earlier versions of 0.9.1. I should have mentioned that with the hotfix post, gonna edit it

Mods / Blackrock 0.9.5a - hotfix released!
« on: June 10, 2019, 05:29:13 AM »
Hotfix out, caught a crash with the Gridfire AI (thx Nia) and some other stuff.

Download it here.


- Fixed a crash caused by the Gridfire MRM homing AI
- Fixed Blackrock-only hullmods appearing in multiple unintended hullmod categories
- Fixed Scalaron Blaster, ESPADA Repeater, Vajra Cannon and Antimatter Lance projectile visuals to their intended coolness

Note: If you don't have the latest version of Starsector (0.9.1a RC8) the game may crash when attempting to draw projectiles from these weapons and a few others.

- Mantis: Put on the chopping block
As you might expect though, this has me worried - Are you planning to remove it at some point, or is this in reference to the changes? Because I'd be severely disappointed were it to go.

The Mantis isn't going anywhere, but it's new iteration is here to stay. This change was made to reduce overlap with other frigates and for AI-friendliness reasons. But yeah it's easy to revert if you miss the old one.

Mods / Blackrock 0.9.5 released!
« on: June 09, 2019, 07:00:31 AM »
Blackrock's back.

IMPORTANT: Blackrock now requires MagicLib in addition to GraphicsLib and LazyLib. You can go download it here.
IMPORTANT: If you don't have the latest version of Starsector (0.9.1a RC8) the game may crash when attempting to draw projectiles from certain weapons.

I decided to cut some content I was working on to just get the update out while people are still playing 0.9.1.

The changelog is huge and can be read below. The main content additions or revamps are summarized above the spoiler.

- Added Dynastos-class Destroyer
- Added Antaeus-class Heavy Cruiser
- Added Dragonfly-class Heavy Gunship
- Added Straff Tactical Cannon, small ballistic weapon
- Added ESPADA Repeater, large energy weapon
- Added Thunderhead UAC, medium ballistic weapon
- Added Gridfire MRM/Pod, small and medium missiles
- Added Light Shredder, small ballistic weapon
- Added Hellbender-class Heavy Fighter
- Asura-class Cruiser was fundamentally redesigned
- Cetonia-class Freighter was redesigned
- Serket fighter turned into a rocket bomber


- Starsector 0.9 and 0.9.1 related updates: campaign changes, .csv and tooltip stuff, blueprints, descriptions, all the other minor things.
- Base Value, Ordnance Points, FP, Supply/rec adjustments to many ships to bring in line with new vanilla standard (mostly reductions)
- Custom Venting AI disabled for all BR ships except Imaginos, Morpheus (vanilla vent AI has improved, on average makes AI-controlled ships less likely to die)
- A truckload of sound effects were edited or remade to better "mix" during a big battle, like the sound changes that were done in 0.9 for vanilla
- Added conditions/custom conditions to pregen planets in Gneiss and Rama, created new faction fleet doctrine with a greater emphasis on numbers and agression
  Markets vital to the faction will occasionally spawn more elite fleets comprised of a smaller number of more expensive ships in addition to the above
- Improvements and fixes for various code, mostly shipsystem scripts, AI scripts and missile AIs
- Nexerelin compatibility updated, deprecated stuff removed
- Added trail FX to certain projectiles, BRDY now requires MagicLib
 (This was mainly done to make Ferrocannon/Ferrogun look similar-but-cooler and simultaneously solve hit detection issues with them)
- Added support for the mod Vesperon Combine (content whitelist)

Content additions/major changes:

- Added Dynastos-class Destroyer
- Added Antaeus-class Heavy Cruiser
- Added Dragonfly-class Heavy Gunship
- Added Straff Tactical Cannon, small ballistic weapon
- Added Espada Particle Repeater, large energy weapon
- Added Thunderhead UAC, medium ballistic weapon
- Added Gridfire MRM/Pod, small and medium missiles
- Added Light Shredder, small ballistic weapon
- Added Hellbender-class Heavy Fighter
- Asura-class Cruiser was fundamentally redesigned
- Cetonia-class Freighter was redesigned
- Serket-class Phase Fighter redesigned, now Serket-class Rocket Bomber (Fires Quill rockets, no longer phases)
- Argus PD Array has been replaced with the Thermal Projector, a new medium energy point defense weapon
- Added BRDY Focused Shield Emitter hullmod
- Various fighter-specific and built-in weapons for new ships
- Added new campaign music track
- Various significant changes to existing ships and weapons; see below


- Locust-class Gunship: Somewhat late, but renamed to Goblin-class Gunship to resolve name conflict with vanilla Locust SRM missile. Internal identifier is the same
- Megaceras: Ship system changed to Heavy Maneuvering Jets, Peak Performance Time correspondingly changed to 300 (was 420)
  Central small hybrid turret changed to medium hybrid, OP increased to 70 (was 65)
  Now features buit-in combat drone wing
  Slightly less cargo capacity
- Scorpion: Peak Performance Time changed to 360 (was 300), minor stat changes
  Stinger Drones now have built-in single barrel shredder turret pointing forwards
- Stenos: Shield efficiency to 0.75, Neutrocyte AEX drone now launches wing of 3 and comes with WSPR missiles
  Ordnance Points from 150 to 125, Base Value and supply/month lowered
- Mantis: Put on the chopping block
  Now has 1 medium and 2 missile hardpoints instead of universals, front turret changed to hybrid from ballistic
  Hull to 1750 (was 1500), Armor to 275 (was 250), Max. Flux to 2600 (was 2500)
  Peak Performance Time normalized to 180 (was 140)
  This is to differentiate its role from the Dragonfly, strangely this constraint yields overall stronger loadouts and a more reliable premium frigate
- Weevil: semi-redesigned as an utility campaign frigate, with logistics hullmods (it has been more or less supplanted by the Dragonfly as a combat frigate)
  Rear turrets changed to built-in Light Shredders, stats adjusted, comes with built-in Salvage Gantry and Surveying Equipment
- Zabrus: Peak Performance time to 210 (was 180), ship system changed to Heavy Maneuvering Jets
- Kurmaraja: FP and Base Value slightly increased, Ordnance Points lowered by 10
  Brakefield Emitter system now affects BALLISTIC_AS_BEAM projectiles by deflection, rather than having no effect on them, AI logic somewhat improved (thx DR!)
- Nevermore: Peak Performance time to 390 (was 360)
  Front Medium turret angles slightly changed to prevent sprite overlaps
  Antimatter Lance now pierces missiles, appearance adjusted
- Hawkmoth: Ordnance Points lowered by 10, supply/month and FP reduced a little
- Imaginos: Rift Cannon max charges to 10 (from 8)
- Typheus Light Carrier: has been buffed towards a more premium carrier, reflecting its importance given the lack of carrier options in BRDY
  Now has Heavy Maneuvering Jets instead of Sentinel Drone, has lower base speed and lower PPT
  Recieved buffs to flux cap, flux dissipation and 10 additional Ordnance Points, some slot changes
  Supply/rec and /month increased to 12 (was 10)
- Bolide/Comet: Redesigned, Comet is now a flat-out smaller version of the bolide, both weapons had 100 range shaved off. Changed to clip-ammo mechanic.
  Both weapons are now 1:1 flux ratio and very efficient medium range weapons, with high burst damage but low damage over time.
- Scalaron Repeater: OP Cost lowered to 12 (from 14), EMP Damage per hit increased to 80 (from 75), Chargeup lowered to 0.25 (was 0.5), max. recoil lowered to 12 (was 18)
  Changed to clip-based reload mechanic instead of finite ammo
- Burst Cannon: Now targets missiles by default (similar priority to Devastator Cannon), but cooldown was increased by 0.5 seconds, range lowered to 600 and inaccuracy increased.
- Quill Rockets (all weapons): Semi-redesigned, now more reliable overall and self-destruct treshold optimized to prevent weirdness
- Fury-class Torpedo Rack: Costs 4 OP (down from 5), but cooldown increased to 8 seconds, so both torpedoes can no longer be fired in quick succession
- INM Assault Gun: Initial ammo increased to 12 (was 9), ammo regen rate increased to 2.5 (was 2)
- Achilles LRM: Now has slightly higher replenish rate and 1 extra starting ammo (6), so the pod version is exactly 2x its existing ammo
  Now has a splitting SFX for the MIRV behavior
- Fury Torpedoes (all): Removed extra HE damage component from on-hit script
  Uses quadtrail instead of particles, color of engine tweaked to better differentiate from Rage SRM
- Heavy SPL: Now same fire rate (15 sec reload instead of 10) and ammoless like Light SPL
  Damage increased to 800 (was 700), proj. health slightly increased, accuracy slightly less ***
- PDEs (all): Stats rebalanced across the board, no ultra-major changes but should feel snappier and be slightly more reliable
- Dart SRM (all): AI now more "fire and forget" - will not always seek ship target; prioritize closer targets and any fighters over other targets
- Linear Pulse Gun: Flux/sec and damage/shot both slightly lower, new projectile look/color (purple) to differentiate from other weapons
- Ferrogun/Ferrocannon: Minor stat adjustments, projectile appearance adjusted with use of trails, projectile hitbox is now "short" which should reduce hit registration weirdness
  Now deals EMP damage per hit, should make them more useful overall, but not broken on the Karkinos
- Ironweaver ADC: OP cost reduced to 20 (was 25), Cooldown increased to 1 (was 0.8), range decreased to 650 (was 800), max. charges decreased to 4 (was 5)
  Ironweaver projectiles now only have a proximity fuse check vs missiles and bombs, increasing damage against large ships significantly as the projectiles will actually hit their hull
- Eschaton Superfreighter: Now has Heavy Maneuvering Jets shipsystem, and 2 built in drone wings
  Front missile hardpoints changed to Medium instead of Small, has built-in Nav Relay hullmod
  Has additional crew-carrying capability, making it better suited for colonization
  Minor stat adjustments
  Supply/month increased to 24 (was 22)
- Krait Heavy Fighter: Changed built-in HE cannons to a clone of normal INM Assault Gun with reduced shot damage (30 instead of 55) and 450 range instead of 600 range
  Now has a nose Light Shredder instead of normal Shredder
- Taipan Heavy Interceptor: Added ECCM Package for better missile performance
  Renamed built-in Achilles variant "Ajax SRM", adjusted stats slightly
  Increased Taipan max speed to 350 (was 330)
- Mosquito Missile Bomber: Increased max speed to 240 (was 200)
- Nadir Defense Fighter: Now has 2x fixed Light Particle Rifles as main weapons for chipping away at other fighters and damaged ships, retains Light Burst Cannon
- Dipteron Interceptor: Is now an unmanned drone fighter

- Lowered the base regen factor of the Nanolattice Armor hullmod, slightly buffed base armor values of the Imaginos and Morpheus to compensate
- Nanolattice Armor no longer imposes any restrictions on which armor/hull hullmods can be installed alongside it
- BRDY Strike Suite: OP cost slightly lowered, damage and flux bonuses halved to 10%
  Now increases weapon range slightly depending on hullsize instead of lowering it (5/10/20/35%) and increases projectile speed by 25%
  Now incompatible with Safety Overrides in addition to ITU/DTC
- BRDY Assault Fitting: Renamed to Blackrock Systems Reinforcement, now increases Peak Performance Time by 20% instead of lowering repair times
  Hull bonus increased by 10% (to 25%)

- Added crash on load for missing dependencies (LazyLib, GraphicsLib, MagicLib)

Mods / Re: [0.8.1a] Blackrock Drive Yards v0.9.1 (23.03.2018)
« on: February 26, 2019, 04:34:19 AM »
No probs... let me clarify what I posted last time, since I've been quiet lately. I had a lot of half-finished stuff strewn about going into Starsector 0.9a's release, and I decided to not prune and cut things from the mod in order to quickly make a compatibility update. More work that wouldn't be going towards actual content. I'd rather provide something that actually is different and better when people come back to it. I'm also actively avoiding posting teasers here as I want the next release to have some fun stuff to discover in terms of new/changed ships, weapons and other stuff.

For short, this "outage" is due to my interest in the mod, not due to a lack of it. If I didn't care I would probably view it as a chore and do bare-minimum release, and move on to other stuff.

Maybe you should just use this time to take a look at the other amazing mods on offer, and when you come back to BRDY, maybe you'll discover something new or things will feel more fresh as a result.

The solution with the extra ship hint certainly bails me out of a lot of extra work, thanks Alex!

The rules for what stuff goes below other stuff, in order of priority:
- Is a hardpoint
- Is a larger weapon size
- Is a missile weapon that renders loaded missiles
- Is further away from the spine of the ship
- Is further away from a line through the center, perpendicular to the spine of the ship

Though "further away from perpendicular" could override "further away from spine" if the distance differential is high enough.

If you could get me a mini-mod with a specific example, and what's desired, I could take a look.

I seem to recall it was set by weapon slot number before, which allowed precise control over what went where for cases where several small turrets are clustered together. At least, that's my only explanation for why things don't look the way they used to. Would it be possible to override somehow, based on that? With the way it is now I'd have to redo several ships fundamentally to avoid edge cases where overlap looks bad, because there's no way to finesse the current system to do what I want it to do.

E: Here's an example of what I mean (using the biggest small weapons makes it very visible)

Seems like weapon render order was changed to an automatic system in 0.9, at the very least a bunch of ships have overlapping turrets in the wrong order now where before it worked fine. Assuming this is set by distance from ship or sprite center, is there any way to override it or control it?

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