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Morro, do you think you could do a preview release of the mod?  Not in the OP but just in a new post, so that Daton, Albreo, and I can help give some balance feedback?

On the topic of PD pass-through: I think is very good but has to be very carefully balanced. Overlapping PD could have the potential to be very oppressive. Maybe reserve PD pass-through for a new category of PD? "Long-Range PD" or something? That would be a good place for flux-using PD too perhaps. Bigger opportunity cost (flux buildup) but big upside (fleet support).

That makes a degree of sense.

Hey, this gives me a thought that might also be pertinent to the "can't do that with beam weapons / AO debate."  Since you can make hull mods mutually exclusive, is it possible to make it so that certain weapons can only be equipped if a particular (potentially/probably built-in) hullmod is present?

That way the fleet support PD could be restricted to specific hulls given a mod that signifies them as having that role, without making major capitals OP.  Advanced Optics could instead become a built in hullmod that allows only certain hulls to equip the new super fire support beams (and have no penalties or bonuses at all).  In other words, it could be used by ships like the Apogee and Astral without making the Paragon or Tyrant Opie OP.

On the one hand, I get that it's nice to have the most options possible for every ship, but on the other hand there is currently a tendency to just load up on a bunch of your favorite capital and smash all the things.   Having roles more clearly defined by hulls (the way carriers are), could help promote more diverse fleets.

All tanky frontline ships may also need buffs to withstand this new barrage and the nerf to shield stacking may be somewhat detrimental now.

I'd say wait and see.  The game was previously a little too easy after the early mid-game.  It would be better if there were scenarios where the player felt compelled to either retreat or accept attrition.  Before I was able to do things like engage 3-4 Nex invasion fleets simultaneously with only about 200 total DP of combat ships and win flawless victories.  I suppose there's probably a very delicate balance between challenging and punishing, though.

One thing I am considering is a medium version of the Ion Beam as another option. Not 100% sure it is needed though.

FWIW, there have been times when I wished that option existed.  I wouldn't say that it's needed, but it opens up some interesting options around Fire Support / Control.

FWIW, I agree with everything Albreo just said, and my MO was to fly around with a combat fleet of ~140DP for everything except REDACTED stations.  Despite our different playstyles, we have similar views about the ideal way to build ships.

1-on-1 testing is useful, but also has its limitations.  In a fleet setting, your frontline capitals will tend to be constantly harassed by strike craft and faster smaller vessels.  Part of why I was able to deal with the old Tach Lance ships so effectively is that they needed so much of their flux pool to fire that I could usually make sure they only ever got between 0-1 shots off.  With a +120% penalty, the Artronarch beam may end up in the same boat.  If the other side has a numerical advantage and can keep even mild pressure up, then it will only fire a few times.

Basically, it's a mod that works if you're committed to fielding superior numbers and overwhelming the enemy as quickly as possible with an alpha strike doctrine--or if there were a viable and faster tank to hide behind.  There's nothing wrong with that.

With the nerfs to super flux-efficiency, maybe alpha strike will become the new meta.

RIP advance optic. Are you sure this's a good choice? I already can't use it in any build but zero flux. It's just not flux friendly.

- Graviton Beam, Graviton Lance, Assault Beam and Razor Tri-beam are all now PD weapons with assault range. The AI should prioritize ships over missiles for these weapons.
 - ^ These were too powerful with Advanced Optics. The PD change reduces the range bonus from that hullmod down to 200 instead of 500 and allows me to keep flux costs low.
That did counter my zero flux build but still RIP advance optic. If we... Increase the range benefit by scaling with the flux ratio of the weapon instead will it work? Like 1.2*500 for Tachlance, 0.4*500 for Graviton beam, flux free can eat dirt.

And leave the penalty at +60%?  I doubt I'd ever use it like that.

What about changing the nature of the penalty entirely?  It's going to be pretty hard to balance while the penalty is to flux cost, since beam weapons vary so much on that.  What if it added 500 to range, but increased recharge/reload time by +10-15%?  So the range boost comes with a minor/modest DPS penalty instead.  Basically, you use it to prioritize first strike over sustained DPS.

edit: or 500 for strike, 350 for assault, 200 for PD beams or whatever makes sense, or maybe it doesn't apply to PD beams at all?  IDK.

Vanilla ships?  Omen.

It doesn't require very many skill points into Combat (7) or DP to really influence the outcome of combat.  It's fast enough to never truly be out of position, and I have to actually pay attention.

General Discussion / Re: money making guides?
« on: October 27, 2020, 06:46:26 AM »
Easiest $$ is to find a Survey mod early.  Load up ships with that and explore a few systems.  Will not take long before you are loaded with cash.

This, and you might start by putting points into industry skills.  50% bonus finds from ruins/derelict stations can be quite a lot of money.  Also, repairing half of all damage for free, combined with the extra salvage, means that your exploration won't be limited by supplies--only fuel.  Instead of buying supplies, you'll nearly always end up selling excess, as long as you don't make a habit of committing excessive forces to battle.

That said, if you want to go for more personal heroics, then focus on combat skills and bounties.

It's also possible to focus on science skills and make a fortune smuggling/trading with certain undesirables.

edit: And as previously mentioned, whichever of these paths you follow, you'll want to make sure to build your fleet appropriately and not carry around a lot of deadweight.

General Discussion / Re: Alex pet bear
« on: October 26, 2020, 07:18:03 AM »
Just made an account to join the "bear kidnapping group".
Well, it's worth a try.

Isn't that Bearnapping?


General Discussion / Re: so how does security actually work?
« on: October 26, 2020, 07:16:19 AM »
Certain ships have shielded cargo bays, which make it less likely that patrols will find contraband, and transverse jump is your friend.

Random relations are off by default; however, Nex does alter the vanilla faction relations to make the game more "interesting" by default, iirc.

General Discussion / Re: Starsector has ruined Mount & Blade games for me
« on: October 09, 2020, 10:39:35 AM »
All the Mount and Blade games have always been a very rough and somewhat irritating collection of good ideas executed quite poorly. It used to be charming, but with Bannerlord they just don't have as many or as good reasons why things are so rough and shabby.

As ever, community creators will save them from themselves and that seems like the business model they want to follow.

Yeah, well.  That's still more understandable than all these triple-A titles with 9 figure budgets that spend 90% of it on art direction and marketing, and do their QA in production.

Armor tanking... my ships do that at the start of combat when they spend the first 20 seconds running into each other.

Also, a thought: It would be a nice bit of QoL if aborting the scavenge (or having it blocked due to nearby enemies) reset the ability cooldown, so you don't have to wait to try again.

I actually kind of like not having that be *so* streamlined and it taking a bit of in-game time. Though perhaps Scavenge should instead take a few second to activate and not have a cooldown; not entirely decided on that.

Personally, I think it would be better if the activation time was variable based upon the amount of salvageable available.  An early abort/interruption would give you a partial loot.

90% of the time when I get the dialogue that I cannot loot because I'm being tracked, it's either because a lone REDACTED frigate is maintaining contact or because a couple of ships from a fleet that I just smashed escaped.  If the ability takes time to trigger, it means that actual threats have an opportunity to move in and engage the player fleet, if in fact they have the power to do so.  No need for an immersion shattering dialogue.

General Discussion / Re: Starsector Final Shape
« on: October 02, 2020, 01:57:27 PM »
I imagine the sector will be attacked by an ancient race of giant predatory caterpillars, and the player will have to put together a coalition of starfaring quirky alien races to defeat them.

Just to confirm, we're going to be attacked by giant caterpillars and have to use all of our skills as social butterflies to defeat them?

I won't have time to properly playtest my vulture fleet adjustments for a while, so I'd appreciate it if people try this beta version and see if it addresses your issues.

I haven't had a lot of time to test, but it does seem to work much better now.  Thanks for the quick turnaround.

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