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General Discussion / Re: AI fuel & Supplies - Logistics
« on: February 12, 2021, 09:50:32 AM »
I do not mean for AI fleets to have to actually calculate the amount of current fuel or supply they have. Calculating how much supply and fuel they need for X distance travelled, or Y amount of days for a patrol should be enough. Meaning that the system does not have to actually keep track of their resources, but only has to make a check once they are deployed.
Something like making a calculation, that if a specific amount of ships are going somewhere, then what would the cost be in supply + fuel to make a retour trip. Or, for a patrol, making a calculation, that if the patrol was travelling for, say, 10 days in hyperspace, then how many supplies would that be, considering standard speed is used, and how much fuel.

Maybe it doesn't make sense though. Still, something like this would fix pirate raids from one to the other side of the sector. Same for mods' fleets.

General Discussion / Re: AI fuel & Supplies - Logistics
« on: February 11, 2021, 03:05:40 AM »
Although I'm not sure that would be the right approach, you could have some hardish limitations or necessities on taking on logistics ships. I have thought on two things, the first a bit more restrictive.

1. After reaching a certain number of ships (adjusted for ship size), the AI would be required to have X number of cargo, Y number of crew and Z number of fuel ships. I'm not certain this could be implemented in a fun way though, so just an idea.

2. Not ship numbers but supply recovery costs, fuel use and crew requirements are checked. And the AI is not required to take specific kinds of support ships, but to have a specific number of maximum cargo and fuel storage capacity.
To illustrate it, here's an example:
- the player has 10 ships, total supply recovery cost of all of them is 320, fuel/lightyear cost is 200
- there is a flat requirement of 5 times total storage capacity of the full recovery cost of the fleet and a 3 times fuel/lightyear capacity, which could be reached in any conceivable way (ships could be crammed full with extended cargo holds and auxiliary fuel tanks).

So, what do you guys think?

General Discussion / Re: Is this game dead?
« on: February 04, 2021, 03:34:12 AM »
While this topic seems to be the perfect example of bait, I'll bite as well.

- Is the game dead?
- No.

- When mah gaem redy?
- To quote the FAQ from the site: When it is ready.

There are now lots of posts on what proper intervals of updates are, how much people should be expected to wait for something and whether the quantity or quality of said updates are more important. Let me however point out that anyone who bought the game so far did so knowing the When it is ready. policy. So be as (im)patient as you wish to be, things will proceed in their own pace. What you choose to do in between is up to you. Although I do not want to discourage anyone from obsessing over stuff in the forums, it keeps me well entertained.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Interesting Portraits Pack || 375!! || (v1.2)
« on: February 03, 2021, 09:11:21 AM »
Thank you for the portraits! They provide a refreshing amount of variation in faces.

General Discussion / Re: this is the greatest game ever made
« on: February 02, 2021, 02:15:53 AM »
The Sseth video was my first contact with SS as well, but it took me some time afterwards to actually get the game, as I don't usually pay attention to early access titles due to how some of them tend to turn out. Then one day, out of slight interest, I checked some videos, checked the site, seen the Onslaught... love at first sight. I quite liked the description of the system requirements of the game, which are proof that a game doesn't have to be severely demanding to have good gameplay and also a nice and distinct look. Even the game's folder is only about 1GB of size (and admittedly about 2/3 of that are mods).

So all in all, distinct feel, nice graphics, great gameplay and doesn't murderize my PC (well not unless I have my way with mods, but that's on me).

Fan Media & Fiction / Re: [Fan-art]Ship's Personification
« on: February 02, 2021, 01:47:11 AM »
Awesome stuff! I'd look forward to seeing similar if you plan on continuing :)
Would be qurious what your take is on ships like the Sunder or Hammerhead.

Interesting idea. It could be fun. Well, depending on what the "tactical advantage" would be. Flat x% changes similar to those of hullmods, skills, map control points would not quite cut it for me, it would be too little to waste the CR/deployment slot (even though I usually increase fleet sizes for my games).

However if you think more of a Freespace style support ship, being able to rearm and repair (in FS: Blue Planet, and only minor field repairs), or maybe even moderately recharging PPT of Frigates it docks with then I'm all for it. That would make it a necessary utility and would incentivize the player to cover it while it's doing its work. Also, it could breathe some extra life into Frigates in longer engagements. This is a role you could give to the Combat Freighters.

I'd have some ideas, but before being carried away I'd like to know what's the general opinion on something like this, and what your original thought actually was? As in: what would the deployed logistical ship do? Passive stat buff, greater sight of battle map, etc.

General Discussion / Re: Does anyone else prefer using mainly frigates?
« on: January 21, 2021, 03:13:31 PM »
Don't you find the frigate wolf packs suffering from attrition, or do the frigates somehow manage to stay alive most of the time? I usually get an initial pack of frigates early on, and then just stop holding on to them and let them die out as they are destroyed in battle. By the time I have my first capital, it's pretty rare for me to have more than one or two frigates left.

Wolves do suffer from attrition if the battle takes longer, so as of midgame Hardened Subsystems is a must for them. Also, the AI directs your units to attack the nearest enemies, so you should make a control group out of them and make waypoints, so that they outflank enemies. This costs command points, and requires some micromanagement on the player's part, so if you don't like that aspect, then I just recommend using tougher frigates, or assigning them on escort duty right away and that's about it. Still, if used correctly, 2-3 wolves can cause sufficient distraction for you to be able to snipe bigger ships which would have taken ages otherwise. Most slow ships cannot really react to a threat from the rear if their attention is focused on a similar threat from the front, so Ion Beams to the engine are all you need to give you 10-15 seconds to tear just about anything apart.

As said above though, expect losses. Wolves need to rely on speed and maneuverability to stay alive. They can take a few shots, but that's about it. So don't expect them to win the fight for you, and you shouldn't leave them stranded. They can provide you a few opportunities, but that's it.

General Discussion / Re: Does anyone else prefer using mainly frigates?
« on: January 21, 2021, 07:34:45 AM »
Cheap frigates mass + industry skill is quite fun.

I did some comparison it is actually quite cost efficient even if you lose some frigates.

 The problem really comes from having to keep crew topped up as that becomes a problem really quickly.

I'll second that. I usually have around 10-12ish frigates in my fleet. About 3-4 of them are tailored to some kind of situation or fire support role, but the rest is usually Wolves. While generally fragile, they can be quite fun and can swarm a smaller blob of larger ships if they don't have the maneuverability to respond (or fighters, the right fighters can tear them apart like there's no tomorrow). Also, for some flanking support you can quite easily deploy them 1-2 minutes into battle and make them take over the enemy fleet. Still, losses are to be expected, so only do something like this if you have the money or industry to replace losses.

Or alternatively, use cheaper frigates (basically any Luddic Path variant), give them weapons just sufficient to be annoying, deploy them to outflank the enemy and while enemy ships are distracted, get some work done by your Cruisers/Destroyers, or sic your bombers on them. While fun and sometimes surprisingly efficient, your will have losses. Nevertheless, no real shame of the frigates. As long as you don't get a Degraded Engines D-mod, you're good to recycle them.

Suggestions / Re: Reworked Simulation (or something like that)
« on: January 18, 2021, 04:50:28 AM »
Some additional options would be quite nice for simulations, however I'm not certain that it providing experience would be a good thing, however little it would provide. That said, I am not against the idea of giving a... well, lacking a better term... "safe combat-related" option for gaining maybe some cash to help the player starting out. A Tournament option you and SafariJohn described sounds actually good. To stay with the example of Mount & Blade, you could bet on your matches to make some profit or even get a chance to recruit an officer based on your results, or maybe win a ship or weapons, that kind of stuff. Getting mixed into different fleet compositions could also be interesting, or plain bad, depending on the possible ships.

What would be a neat change to Simulations however, is to be able to add and configure enemy ships for simulations in-game. This would let you try out different builds against specific fleets and opponents before venturing into the unexplored reaches of space. I would be fully content with this option above any kind of tournament. Sometimes I just want to try a specific kind of battle without all the hassle leading up to it, or see whether a specific build is actually worthwhile to have.

Also, no offense meant, however playing Iron mode seems at the very least highly restricting if it prevents you from taking risks. Far be it from me to advocate any playstyles above others, but even if it is not "The Way It's Meant To Be PlayedTM", you'll have an easier time learning from your mistakes if you don't use Iron mode and just make a save before going into a dicey fight. Anyhow, you play how you feel is best.

(a Doom behind enemy lines would be awesome).

While thinking on the carnage caused by a stunt like that is both mouth-watering and terrific at the same time, I think that would be a bit too much for the AI (or the unaware player, e. g. myself) to counter. I'd draw the line at frigates for flanking. I'd warily suggest basing flanking on actual ship speed, but I think that could lead to a lot of crazy Safety Overrides + Unstable Injector builds.

On the whole I am all for making it able for reinforcements to flank, however I'd prefer that to apply to both sides where it makes sense, so if one side is severely outnumbered, no flanking. You should however only be able to flank with a portion of your frigates based on your relative fleet size. It would provide quite some incentive to leave some escort for those 2 lonely Herons at the back, or to even arm them so that they can stall or effectively repel a few frigates.

Still, you don't need a lot of ships for blobs to happen in the middle of the map, or somewhere on the top or the bottom, so adding this possibility would be quite an useful tiebreaker. Also a related suggestion is to be able to choose the entry point of fleets (left, right or center part of the bottom), so that battles (especially with allies involved) do not cause blobs preventive to effective deployment.

Modding / Re: I wanna start using mods, any recommendations?
« on: January 17, 2021, 06:12:39 AM »
I quite recommend using Nexerelin. That mod quite increases your and existing faction's option in the base game. Makes it a bit more complex, but also gives you the ability to deal better with the situations. For faction mods I like Free Stars Union and the Mayasuran Navy mods the best. Those factions do not radically different to vanilla factions, and I think they have overall a decent balance with their ships and weapons. A bit greater change would be the Interstellar Imperium mod. I quite like the weapons it offers, but it also offers a bit more non-standard playstyle compared to vanilla. Also, you've got the Ships/Weapons pack, which does just that, adds extra ships and weapons to vanilla factions.

For other mods I'd reccommend Galactic Markets, which basically gives you an easily accessible list of all commodities, making trade plans easier and more thorough. Common Radar and Combat Chatter are nice additions as well. Radar gives you just that, a small radar you can see during combat as well, and Chatter is a decent immersive mod, making your ships comment on the battle and the current situations they find themselves in. I also use the Interesting Portraits mod, which gives you just that, more portraits to be used by you and other factions. These mods do not really influence basic gameplay, they just add a little bit of extra.

Also check this sticky:
Also, as quoted above, there's a rather useful Mod Index. Browse around there, and pick whatever sounds more fun.

Oh, and you'll have to add some non-standard mods as well, so your first step should be to download LazyLib, MagicLib and GraphicsLib. My rather simplistic definition for them would be, that they provide toolsets, commands and functions other mods use. And if you've got weaker hardware, like me, you'll likely have to do some fine-tuning for GraphicsLib. How you can and should do that, you may find here:

Suggestions / More battle entry points
« on: January 14, 2021, 08:07:57 AM »
Battle with allies is fun. What's not that much fun however is when you already have your allies deployed at around the bottom center of the map, sluggishly blobbing together and then slowly spreading around in one direction, then blobbing up again until an enemy ship gets within sight. While not a hard blocker of deploying your own fleet, it does however prevent effectively maneuvering your own fleet to more advantageous position, not to mention is quite a hazard for more fragile Frigates if they don't really have space for maneuvering.

Alternatively, you've got Orbital Station defence. According to my experiences, allies will usually bunch up somewhere between the Station and the bottom center of the map with only a few ships daring to fly to the sides of the Station. Ships are further back if the Station in question is a Star Fortress with it's defensive drones still around, meaning, that you either cannot (or at the very least should not) deploy more fragile ships, as they get destroyed due to collission damage even before they can fire a single shot, or need to wait for quite a while to get an opening at the bottom center of the map to be able to deploy a bunch of your ships.

(Or you can deploy 2-3 at a time, but come one, where's the fun in that?)

So this begs the question: Could multiple battle entry points be added?

As far as I understand there should not be many issues with this, as standard battles already offer a number of entry (and exit) points. Standard battles offer an entry point for the player and allies at the bottom center of the battle area, and another for the enemy on the top center of the battle area (they also serve as exit points respectively).
When you are in a pursuit battle, you have 4 entry points. One point somewhere between the middle center and bottom center of the map for the retreating fleet, one point at the bottom center, where the main body of the pursuing fleet arrives from, and one point each at the right and left side of the top halves of the map for frigates to intercept.

Now, the above tells me, that it is possible to make multiple entry points for even the same main entry areas. For example, your allies would enter the map from the bottom right, while you could enter it from the bottom left. Or perhaps you (or the enemy even) could have alternative entry points for the battle if some time passes: say, you could send Frigates to attack from the sides, but unlike in pursuits, they would take some time (say, a minute of two) to get in position. Even if the latter options would not warrant any consideration, I'd still push the option to have a separate entry point for your fleet and your allies', so that they won't hog all the space in front of you.

Could multiple battle entry locations be implemented to prevent crowding?

Suggestions / Re: Balancing Change Ideas
« on: January 11, 2021, 03:03:21 AM »
Odyssey does need some work. Although mildly funny when it suicide burns into the middle of the enemy ships, the damage caused is usually superficial. Also, quite an expensive tactic to maintain. The way the AI handles the ship currently a different system would be the easiest fix for this, yet I must admit I'd prefer an AI that can handle Plasma Burn better.

I'd second the suggestion of increasing decivilisation timer. Once you get the notification about the deterioration of a planet you are basically unable to do anything, unless you're right relatively close to the planet with the right resources readily available. In the same regard I much prefer the Nexerelin planet invasion method to the "workaround" of decivilising a planet and then recolonising what remains. It always bugged me, that in vanilla (in the perspective of the player) you can either:
1. Bomb the everliving cr*p out of the planet and its populace
2. Raid and pillage until all semblance of civilization is dissolved, then rebuild on top of the ruined cities of the former inhabitants

But to turn back to the original point, I think decivilisation timer should be increased. Or alternatively, timer can stay the same, if the factions can muster a more effective defence (have defence fleets spawn quicker, or simply make them stronger, or something similar), hence making deterioration less likely to occur.

General Discussion / Re: Fleet Size
« on: December 30, 2020, 04:52:35 AM »

Check out this topic, it pretty much sums it up:

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