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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Painting the Stars (02/07/20); Updated the Forum Rules and Guidelines (02/29/20)

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General Discussion / Re: How Much is a Credit Worth?
« on: February 14, 2020, 08:23:46 PM »
The question now is how exactly do credits keep their value?
Not very well. a player can actually pull credits out of CPUs that didn't " blow up quite enough " after a battle.

Yeah, I dint understand how an entirely virtual currency works. What's it backed up by?


This is my thinking as well, the cryptocurrencies of today can be stored in offline wallets, which translates pretty well into starsector, seeing as every pda holder seems to also be the holder of such a wallet, since the pda is what is referenced whenever a transaction is made. It wouldn't be too far fetched to imagine that credits aren't actually "lost" when a fleet is destroyed, but still exist in the same wallet as before, which now has no owner and subsequently noone who can access it. How credits are "pulled out" after a fleet battle is harder to explain though, maybe the release of credits is a failsafe in case the physical unit holding the credits (the ship computer) is destroyed, preventing deflation. However, since all the baseline prices for different commodities seem to be sectorially agreed upon, and only change locally, I don't really see how the market could inflate or deflate on a sectorial level.

Space bitcoin.

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Small issue with the blog page of the website.
« on: February 14, 2020, 07:52:29 PM »
Thank you for letting me know! I'll take a look tomorrow.

Edit: ... actually, fixed it up just now. CSS!

Praise be to CSS!

Bug Reports & Support (modded) / Infinite battle & no CR loss
« on: February 14, 2020, 07:50:59 PM »
Mod list:
High Tech Armada 0.7.1e
LazyLib 2.4f
MagicLib 0.28
Nexerelin 0.9.5h
Scy Nation 1.58
Seeker - Unidentified Contact 0.3
SWP 1.10.5
GraphicsLib 1.4.1

The battle takes place at player controlled Chicomoztoc, with star fortress intact. The enemy fleet is something like 8 Cathedrals (SWP), 7 Legions, and other assorted ships. The battle takes about 45 minutes, and after the ships stop coming in, and the claim victory option is nowhere to be seen, I decide to sweep the map from top to bottom, making sure to cover every pixel of it. At this point, around 30 minutes have passed since the last ship was destroyed, and none of the ships have experienced any reduction in CR.

With no ships found, and no ships sent in, I am at this point convinced that it's a bug. I then decided to order a full retreat, and after all the ships had left the battle and the game still insisted I stayed in, I decided to leave my computer for a while. About an hour later, I come back to find the battle still going, with the lone star fortress spinning around as usual.

The battle does not end after the enemy fleet was defeated, no ships lost any CR, and ordering a full retreat didn't end the battle either. Total battle runtime was about two hours give or take.

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