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Title: Wouldn't it be nice if....
Post by: Serenitis on July 28, 2019, 01:15:57 PM
Hydroponic Farming Industry
Already exists in-game. Just as a market condition (not sure if this is even used anymore).
( excuse the random image from the internet squashed into the right size.)

Allows food production on worlds without land suitable for farming.
Produces: Food equivalent to farmland_poor (-1).
Requires: Machinery, Organics.
Upkeep: 4

Procgen for Toxic worlds
Add chance for organics to appear on cat_toxic and toxic_cold worlds, like Salamanca (Yma).
It's all carbon compounds, very probably hydrocarbons if it's being used for plastics like the description says. And considering Titan, it isn't really outlandish to find carbon-rich materials in that environment.
I'd really like more of a reason to use these worlds, but they're almost always entirely ignorable.

Some form of Bookmarks
I'd really like to be able to mark a system as somewhere I want to go back and visit at a later date.
Even if it's just a simple icon dropdown to remind me of why a place is interesting. Because I keep forgetting about things I want to go back to.

Fleet counter
Just a simple number display on the fleet page, which shows how many ship slots are currently free and available for use.
The act of counting "5...10...15...20...25... okay, 3 slots left" has long since outlived it's novelty.

Station Naming
This could do with a bit of variety, because everywhere being named 'Station' looks a bit dull and samey.
Suggest a list which can be drawn from. Maybe something like:
%s Station
%s Orbiter
%s Relay
%s High
%s Depot
%s Citadel
%s Dock
Fort %s
Fortress %s
Title: Re: Wouldn't it be nice if....
Post by: Alex on July 28, 2019, 02:50:15 PM
Added a slight chance for organics on toxic worlds, sounds like a good idea - would occasionally give more of a reason to colonize one.

(Re: bookmarks, I'd like to add something similar eventually, yeah! Thinking about being able to pick from a set of icons to mark "special" systems, but we'll see how it works out.)
Title: Re: Wouldn't it be nice if....
Post by: Recklessimpulse on July 28, 2019, 02:58:31 PM
Oh can others add there own ideas?

Agree with Toxic and Hydrophonics.

Also I think it would be nice if there was a use for Refugees, a few worlds have them and I assumed before we got worlds that access to Refugee worlds would be our main growth factor but it never was.
 Second a use for De-civilized worlds, perhaps a building that trades with them at a loss but after a while creates a new independent world (and thus market) based of a hidden or not hidden Civilization level of that de-civilized world? or just make them raid-able on a timer?
Title: Re: Wouldn't it be nice if....
Post by: Serenitis on July 30, 2019, 09:32:14 AM
Oh can others add there own ideas?
Please do!

Added a slight chance for organics on toxic worlds, sounds like a good idea - would occasionally give more of a reason to colonize one.
Thank you.
For those paying attention, with this it should now be possible to colonise Penelope's Star and have access to all resources should the mercurial procgen decide to bless you so.

Fleet Expansion
We're currently locked at 30 ships. From the start of the game to the end you can have 30, doesn't matter how big or what for. 30.
It would be really nice if this limit were not static, and it grew with the player as they progress through the game.

I would like to see something that is based not on any specific skill choice but rather on the overall progression of the player, so regardless of the choices the player makes they will always improve this 'ability'. This could take us up to the current limit.
Once the player puts down a colony and starts building heavy industry, they can then invest money/resources into slowly expanding this limit up to some defined point.
This would represent the expanding industrial/logistics base and it's growing ability to support a military.
Title: Re: Wouldn't it be nice if....
Post by: SCC on July 30, 2019, 10:53:32 AM
I think we already have an answer for that:
Title: Re: Wouldn't it be nice if....
Post by: intrinsic_parity on July 30, 2019, 12:17:48 PM
I really don't see any reason to have a fleet cap at all. The logistics system already incentivizes the player to use smaller fleets and combat deployment is limited so it really doesn't benefit the player much to bring a ton of ships. I've bumped up the fleet cap in the setting file in my current game, but all that has meant so far is that I've left shepherds in my fleet that I otherwise would have shelved to have more free fleet slots. I really don't see the point.
Title: Re: Wouldn't it be nice if....
Post by: Serenitis on August 04, 2019, 02:56:18 AM
Carrier Efficiency/Optimisation/Specialisation Hullmod
Sometimes you just don't have access to good ships, so you have to make do with what you can get. And often that leads to not being able to use many of the interesting and fun things it is possible to acquire. This hits carriers harder than any other ship type, as fighter LPCs tend to be very OP expensive.
This hullmod would in essence be the "poverty carrier" mod that is used to allow big fighters to be used on cheap carriers. At a cost.

It's all about making the most out of the limited amount of 'deckspace'. So this mod would be things like installing deck lifts and stacking fighters in storage frames, modifying fighters to fit into smaller spaces, and generally just packing as much hardware into the space as possible.

+ve effects:
Reduces OP required to host any fighters by 40% for full fighter bays. 20% for converted bays.
Reduces skeleton crew requirement by -/5/8/12 per fighter bay. (Reduced space on the decks, not enough room for the people.)

-ve effects:
Increases time to replace/rearm fighters by 33%. (Fewer people working due to lack of space, fighters must be 'unpacked' etc.)
Reduces fighter structure/armour vaules by 15%. (Fighters modified to fit into smaller spaces or with folding sections are less sturdy.)
Reduces maximum CR by 10% and halves recovery rate. (Less available space makes it harder to organise and perform normal functions.)

Not a mod you'd want on your pristine turbocarrier. But I could see this getting a fair bit of use early on, and for pirates & pathers in general.

Salvage Ships/Mods
Salvage Rigs are good. But it is somewhat disappointing that there is only one type in one size.
I'd love to see either a wider variety of rigs, especially in the larger size classes.
The salavge rig itself being depreciated, and allowing the Salvage Gantry to fitted to any ship as a standard hullmod.

In the latter case, it would probably be a campaign mod. And would strip a ships storage ability up to a set value according to the ship's size.
My first thought was to zero everything like the rig does. But that creates a bit of a disincentive to use it on the larger ships.
A gantry would be quite OP expensive to fit, and might take 150/300/600/1200 'storage' per size to install. (Would not affect built-in mods.)

So a frigate would get all it's cargo/fuel/crew storage zeroed, as would most destroyers. Pheaton would still be able to carry 300 fuel, but nothing else.
A cruiser might still be able to carry things - Colossus would still be able to carry 300 cargo, but nothing else.
Etc. etc.
Title: Re: Wouldn't it be nice if....
Post by: Serenitis on August 09, 2019, 11:28:11 AM
Sound Controls
There is a lot of very good music in this game. And even more very good music in the various mods.
It would be very nice if there were an option somewhere to set the 'ambient' music to play through object interactions, like salvaging or surveying.
Just so there isn't a load of silence replacing all this lovely music people have created every time you pick supplies out of a debris field. Which happens a lot.

Faction Fleets Sensors
It would be nice if your faction fleets could provide shared vision to you whenever you are present in a system.
You're the head of this faction, so all the data these ships collect should (in theory) be available to you.
This ability could also be tied to the High Command structure if desired.

Officer Training Academy
An industry building that creates a modest stream of officers for hire.
Prospective officers have a chance to 'graduate' every month, with larger colonies having more throughput than smaller ones.
Possibly could have settings/upgrades to incentivise certain levels of aggression, or particular skills.
Title: Re: Wouldn't it be nice if....
Post by: Histidine on August 09, 2019, 06:52:54 PM
Flameout HUD indicator
I've encountered a complaint that you can flame out without knowing why (or even that you have, until you look at your ship and notice the engines are gone).
It might help to show the flamed out status as a status indicator in bottom left, along with time to engine restart (like overload has).