Starfarer 0.52.1a Point Release

The 0.52.1a release is now available. It’s a point release and doesn’t contain any significant new features, but it does have a number of important bug fixes, some enhancements to the modding API, and a few usability improvements.

The full patch notes are here.

This version is save-compatible.

You can download it using the buttons below. You’ll have to reinstall the game, but shouldn’t need to enter the activation code again.

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  1. First! Nice to see those bugfixes, especially the mods ones

    by Andrew
  2. Hurray !!!

    by Dimitar
  3. Yeah Bugfixes, need to play again now… damn you 😉

    by Ishikawa
  4. Is there some way to change how frigates behave? because they make some really stupid mistakes all the time. one of my lashers charged head on into a battleship and died, i mean wtf?

    by ValkyriaL
  5. It’s hard to say without knowing exactly what’s going on – there are so many factors involved.

    In general, you can always try to have the frigates avoid situations like that by either assigning them to tasks elsewhere, or simply ordering them to retreat. If you do neither, I think the AI is justified in assuming you want it to fight, at whatever cost.

    May I suggest the forum for questions not related to the post? I don’t particularly mind answering, but you’re likely to get better answers and more varied perspectives on the forum.

    by Alex
  6. I found a bug. I was in a battle and then decided to let the AI finish the battle and this caused my game to crash.

    by Ironcode
  7. Hi – can you either email me the stack trace from starfarer.log, or post it on the forum?

    by Alex
  8. Sorry I don’t know what you mean by stack trace.

    by Ironcode
  9. If you auto end battes most of the time you wont lose ANY personel!

    by Farlarzia
  10. i find it silly that you cannot have more than 150 point fleet without risking accidents and even at that point the extra supply / day is staggering but hegemony defence fleet is buzzing around with 200 points worth of stuff.
    also, do the ai controlled fleets have the penalties of running out of supplies or do they even run on the same mechanics?

    by Vzq
  11. i just beat the full heg sys def fleet (3 onslaugths 2 dominators 2 condors 3 enforcers 2 lashers handful of piranhas, broadswords and talons and even captured medusa and tempest) with about 140 point fleet
    it sure was challenging but it didnt really feel fun & rewarding especially since i had my normal luck and not a single ship ended up being boardable so in the end i traded about 110 points worth of ships to about 100000 credits worth of loot ( would have been more but lack of ships forced to space 2/5 of it) my wish is that we had bigger safe fleet size or that the ai fleets would respect the limits a bit better.

    by Vzq
  12. Thats Realy not that much U can beat tha Heg sys def fleet with a lot of fighters and carriers

    by Snukey
  13. Hi! thise is the third time I ask thise but can you buy containers yet so I can have extra supplies or havent that been put into the game yet? And if I can buy containers where can/how do I buy them?

    by Sebastian
  14. Hi Sebastian – sorry I missed your question.

    To get more cargo space, you need to buy more ships. Freighters provide more space than usual. As far as improvised containers, your crew makes those automatically – this is why you’re able to go above the cargo limit, at a daily supply cost.

    You can also store excess supplies/weapons/etc at the Abandoned Storage Facility (in orbit around the 2nd world from the star).

    by Alex
  15. I really really like this version, it’s better than all the previous ones in my opinion simply because of three things.

    One, you changed the sound the game makes everytime you click a selection (like new game or select a target on the map) that sound was so loud and “hard” and got really annoying with time. The new one is much softer and pleasing to hear over and over.

    Two, the new music! It’s very spacy and it’s amazing 🙂 I love it, Starfarer was so quiet before, it made the game feel… Lonely, if that makes sense, with the new music, I can play it for longer without getting bored.

    Three, the abandoned storage facility, the game needed this desperately. And I hope you add more locations like this that you can buy, rent, qonquer etc in the future. Maybe even planets? Anyway, this feature is amazing and it alone makes the game like 5-10% better in my lowly opinion 🙂

    by Ruben Thomas
  16. Thank you all!
    Is there a standard bug report sheet you guys used, so that if we spot any bugs we can report them. If you guys would like the feedback otherwise don’t worry about it. It’s up to you.

    by Michael S
  17. We’ve got a bug reports/support forum for that:

    by Alex
  18. Thanks for that

    by Michael S
  19. hmmm was wondering

    if I play and I save my game , will I be abile to use it with newer updates ?


    by Andrew
  20. Most likely not – it’s still relatively early in development of the campaign, and it’s changing fast enough that maintaining save compatibility isn’t an option.

    by Alex
  21. good to know , so I do not need to worry about having every one hate me ingame since I will start over anyway with a new release 😀 PIRATES RULE!!!

    by Andrew
  22. These updates are all fine and good but I would love to see updates that prioritize features such as the ones mentioned on the homepage rather than all the balancing on the combat:
    Play your own character who gains experiences and upgrades skills
    Hire officers to give skill bonuses
    Explore the sector for knowledge and profit
    Trade goods, run mining operations, build industries — and defend your interests
    Become involved in factional politics

    by Aredyn
  23. Hi Aredyn – thank you for your feedback, it’s duly noted. 0.52a was in fact in large part about the campaign, by the way.

    In more general terms, I’ve got to do things in the order that makes sense to me – besides, all these things need to be done at some point, anyway. I’m very conscious of not doing work that will be undone by later changes, if that’s something that was on your mind.

    by Alex
  24. Thx for replying.
    I really love the game and as many can’t wait for the great release date.
    And the reasons I asked for more is cuz frankly fighting and killing only with no purpose with every new version that releases can only go so far before u just stop enjoying.

    But I need to stop blabbing, after all this is still in alpha and I have confidence in Fractal that things will be done right and the last thing I wanna do is mess up with the right order of the development.

    by Aredyn
  25. Tik-tak Alex, almost two weeks.Getting a bit itchy with the current version, gimme a bite of lore to compensate.


    by Dimitar
  26. I really like the changes to the ai on the carriers. The supercarrier especially used to get itself killed a whole bunch by leaving the checkpoint to engage the enemy.
    The 150 fleet point maximum makes it more realistic and actually makes fleet balancing a challange in late game. This is good, i love it. Definately needs a way to increase the maximum safe size though. At this point i found it unfeasable to maintain more than 2 capital ships with assiciated escorts etc. Its totally doable to beat the hegmony defense fleet, but at the same time makes a single single captital ship carry the fleet when fleets the size of the hedgemony defense fleet. I feel this takes alot of the stratergy out of the big battles and makes placement of your bigger ships less important than your ability as a pilot. While im all for needing to be a good pilot, i really think battles of a large scale should be decided just as much on smart fleet placement as piloting skill. again love the changes, but i really think there needs to be some tweeks to the maximum fleet cap.

    by Richard