Starfarer 0.52a Release

I’m happy to say that the 0.52a release is finally available for download. Here’s a high-level overview of what’s in it:

  • Accidents
  • Music!
  • Greatly improved ship and commander AI
  • Significant ship and weapon balance changes
  • Lots of UI improvements
  • Bugfixes

If that looks like a copy-and-paste from the previous post, that’s because it is – the last week was mostly spent polishing things up and playtesting.

The full patch notes are here.

The new version is, once again, not save-compatible. This is likely to be the case with new releases for the foreseeable future – things are simply changing too much at this point. On the bright side, I don’t think any mods are incompatible with this version, though they’ll probably need some rebalancing.

You can download the new version using the buttons below. You’ll have to reinstall the game, but shouldn’t need to enter the activation code again.

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  1. Congratulations Alex on getting this out! I’m going to try it over lunch today haha!!

    by Trylobot
  2. Hell yes! Been looking forwards to this! πŸ˜€

    by Darval
  3. OMG, Thank you very much!!!! I can’t wait to play this πŸ˜›

    by Eyad
  4. Wohooooo!

    by Shendao
  5. Congratulations on a speedy & efficient release of such an exquisitely feature-rich update. Fractal Softworks ROCKS.

    Anyone *not* playing Starfarer today? [Mr. T]I pity da fool![/Mr. T] 8D

    by Archduke Astro
  6. Woots! Time to start up another save. This time I think I’ll go with all low-tech ships. Heavy armor, BALLISTICS!

    by Dri
  7. No! I was hoping this wouldn’t happen until my finals were over…

    by Sundogs

    by Andrew
  9. I’ve been checking your blog every day for a month. Thanks for the hard work! I’ve got probably 300+ games on Steam/Origin/Impulse/ and outside of a certain dungeon crawler coming out in a couple weeks yours is the one I’ve been following the most.

    by Psigun
    Oh boy, this is gonna be a long night!

    by Moritz
  11. Muito obrigado, amigo! (or awesome!!)

    by harper.rb
  12. Very nice update! A noticeable improvement of the ship AI. It was a blast fighting enemy ships.

    by Flick
  13. Really Really Really good update. Took me 30sec after lunching game to be chocked.
    Love it but have a questin. In the cargo menu, in the right bottom there are 6 squers and it says Jettison over. What is that?

    Thank you a thousen time for the game Alex!

    by Sebastian
  14. Thank you guys!

    @Sebastian: If you drop cargo there, it’ll be ejected into space (and gone forever).

    by Alex
  15. Yay thanks a bunch. This is truly the best pc game ive ever played, with cool devs that actually care!

    by Farlarzia
  16. The AI improvements were immediately evident when I started a new game! Nice! =D

    by Agrofrizzy
  17. Really loving this game so far. I’m very excited to play the new build! The quality of this game is unbelievable.

    by Kyle
  18. Just a quick question: would it be possible in a future update to choose which ship you start out with?

    by anon
  19. @anon: Yeah, that’s very likely.

    by Alex
  20. cool, I was just wondering how I was going to entertain myself tonight. Now I know.

    Thanks guys.

    by Dave
  21. Oh my god, that menu music is glorious!

    by Yattabyte
  22. Great fun! The mechanics that are there feel well polished. Can’t wait for more

    by Nick
  23. Huzzah! Thanks for another update that will keep me satiate for a while.

    by Troll
  24. Wow, after spending a few hours on it last night I have to say you’ve done a great job!

    Loving the music!

    I still find it frustrating that I can’t flee from engagements with far superior foes and without officer progression or anything there’s little point to continue playing with a character after losing a fleet, but I know a lot of these systems will eventually make it into the game..

    by Scroll
  25. BEE N PLAYING ALRIGHT BUT i JUST OPENED IT UP AND its not fitting the whole screen! Help please?(Sorry didnt mean to have caps on)

    by Farlarzia
  26. Love the game but can I have the containers on the ship to get extra cargo space or havent they been put in game yet? πŸ™‚

    by Sebastian
  27. there is a slight problem with damaged fighter wing trying to repair in carrier when out of supplies
    if only 1 fighter of the wing pops out it will instantly go back since the wing is “damaged”
    resulting in that one wing spamming the carrier creating a ton of message pop ups and denying any other fighter wings access

    by Vzq
  28. Hmm, weird, thought I took care of that – will take another look. Thanks for bringing it up!

    by Alex
  29. at least thats what i think happened to me earlier
    i only have one carrier and it started spamming fighter goes in and comes out messages 2 every second
    i didnt look what was exactly happening though i was bit too busy with a lasher and a hound
    the new ai is beast (most of the time)

    by Vzq
  30. @Ironcode: It’s the bit at the end of the logfile – the last 30 lines or so. The log file is Starfarer/starfarer-core/starfarer.log

    @Farlarzia: Thanks, I’ll take a look.

    @Vzq: The AI fleets use the same supply mechanics as the player fleet, and they can (and do!) have accidents. As far as the fleet point limit, in a future release it’ll be influenced by your command skill – I think it’ll make more “sense” then. As far as the Hegemony fleet – I think that’s about the only fleet in the game right now that doesn’t have the same limit as the player. Let’s just say they have a very good admiral in charge πŸ™‚ Or, that being near an orbital station they own provides some logistical bonuses. I can see either becoming an actual game mechanic, so I wouldn’t look at this as unreasonable, even now. You’re at a disadvantage, sure, but it’s a reasonable one.

    Re: fighter messages – silly question, but you did upgrade to 0.52.1a, right? That was one of the bugs fixed – at least, under one set of circumstances.

    by Alex
  31. @Farlarzia: Can you post more details in the support section of the forum, if you’re still having trouble?

    @Vzq: That sounds right, I probably just missed it.

    by Alex
  32. I cannot express just how happy I am at the inclusion of the abandoned storage site and the ability to set rally points from the map.

    Also, do you have any timetables for when you plan to add in additional sectors/systems?

    by anon
  33. Why do we only have 100 fleet points to get around with now instead of 200? =( since the lvling up stuff aint in there yet. or is it? >.^

    by ValkyriaL
  34. Gah, Hounds are almost too good at staying out of range!

    by Scroll
  35. Sorted out resolution issues! I agree with Scroll with the hounds! Some times they don’t retreat but just wont go close to your ship so you cant kill them!

    by Farlarzia
  36. @anon: Sorry, no timetables of any sort. Unless “when it’s ready” counts πŸ™‚

    @ValkyriaL: Short answer: adjusted to fit in with overall vision for game. Will be moddable.

    Re: Hounds – yeah, they can be a bit annoying. I recommend Salamanders to take them out – especially with Expanded Missile Racks, it really does make it a lot easier.

    by Alex
  37. Can I buy containers for bigger cargo space yet? If I can how do I buy it?

    by Sebastian
  38. Great update, the new features really make this a different game. Whereas before you could just buy everything and win but now you really have to be more measured with your approach.
    The changes to the sound effects and music give it a much more classy feel too.
    Fantastic game keeps getting….fantasticer

    by Dan
  39. to anyone having trouble with hounds
    get thunders

    by Vzq
  40. Yeah, no longer having issues with hounds at this point. Took on two at the same time and Salamanders made all the difference. I also love that they try to flank you and get behind all the time.

    by Scroll
  41. just a way to trick them
    turn your tail towards them and theyll come right at you then just turn and fire

    by Vzq
  42. some AI controlled ships seem to saving missiles. Is it possible to order them to shoot missiles as often as possible?

    by Edward
  43. They save them for a good opportunity. If they fired “as often as possible”, they’d waste all of them in just a few seconds.

    by Alex
  44. Why doesn’t fuel work? i have been flying around for an hour with 0 fuel and i am still running. could you look into this Alex?

    by ValkyriaL
  45. Fuel isn’t used right now (the current plan is to only have it be used for interstellar travel).

    by Alex
  46. Hey guys! TO counter the hounds you can also you the 30K frigate ship from tritachyon and just kill them with that! Its super quick and amazing! If you take all weapons of and but focus on boosting flux discharge and capacity you can make it a hard to hit fast tank that can you run them to discharge! Also i have found when doing this that if i keep ramming ships sometimes it will hit my hull! Any ideas about this? Doesn’t really matter anyway! Well sorry for the super long post! KayThanksBye

    by Farlarzia
  47. some bits of that idnt make sense sorry, I meant run away

    by Farlarzia
  48. Sorry for all the posts but do you think you could put up a video of how to install mods? It would really help thanks!

    by Farlarzia
  49. I must say I am happy with this update. All i thought it will be just some balance tweaks but u surprised me.Oh and good choice of music

    by Snukey
  50. Farlarzia, installing mods is very easy, simply extract the files directly in the into the Mods folder within the Starfarer Folder. Atleast that’s how its done with every mod I’ve used.

    by Scroll
  51. >They save them for a good opportunity. If they fired β€œas often as possible”, they’d waste all of them in just a few seconds.

    but it is hard to tell when is the good opportunity. sometimes, it is better to shoot down all the faster enemy ships as quick as possible; sometimes, you have to shoot all the missile at the same time to overwhelm enemy point defense; sometimes, there is only a few slow enemy ships left, so no reason to keep saving missile; surely, other times, it is better to save missile. it depends on which strategies the players are using, so I think an order to shoot/save missile may be useful or you may make the AI even smarter.

    by Edward
  52. I like that you have made the pirates stronger, they pump out a LOT more Armadas now, but they are still *weak* i think you should make a *Pirate Invasion Fleet* that contains outdated versions of the onslaught, otherwise you just get massive farm by sitting on top of their planet. or would that like be outside of their economical reach? πŸ˜›

    by ValkyriaL
  53. I agree. I farmed 200000 money buy just siting on there planet with 2 medusa’s and selling what i got. Now because of that i have a paragon and soon to have the 3 carrier bays one.

    by Farlarzia
  54. and also i cant find any folder called mods! Looked for AGES. i dont know

    by Farlarzia
  55. It’s right in the Starfarer directory. If you still have trouble with it, I suggest dropping by our forums – someone will be able to help you out πŸ™‚

    by Alex
  56. Thanks a lot

    by Steelhawk
  57. found it

    by Farlarzia
  58. I extracted the mod in to the folder but it does not show up as a mod in the mod menu at start up

    by Farlarzia

    Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the first post – there are instructions there.

    by Alex
  60. Btw i have this very annoying bug
    Somtimes My ships balistic cannons get bugged and take a turn before firing with the assault chaingun and some flak cannons . the chaingun fires 5 times and changes to the other πŸ˜€

    by Snukey
  61. Is this a bug or am I just an idiot

    by Snukey
  62. Sounds like you’ve set a weapon group on “alternating” mode without intending to.

    by Alex
  63. New update is amazing! Ai is sweet and accedents add a fun new challange. However fleet cap at 100 is a drag. I’m already maxed out and I feel like my fleet has no variety. I know this is for balance reasons but I have to admit it makes the game less fun for me. Keep up the good work!

    by Ironcode
  64. […] to the official Starfarer website, a new version has been released that adds accidents, music, improved AI and […]

  65. Thank you. This is an awesome game. Just so you know it is too easy to auto resolve (let second in command handle it). I can win against equal or slightly better fleets without any causalities.

    by Michael S
  66. I wonder if it’s of any use, but I found a bug.

    If you run out of supplies while attempting to repair at a station, buying more of them while docked doesn’t allow further repairs.

    I hope you get this game done good, it’s very promising!

    by Rajamonni
  67. @Rajamonni: Yep, that’s a bug. Fixed for the upcoming bugfix release.

    @Michael S: Hmm… yeah, need to do something about that. Not entirely clear what, though – don’t want auto-resolve to be particularly *bad*, either. Am going to save the random seed used for it eventually, btw – so that reloading a save will produce the same results.

    by Alex